Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Excitement

Monday, September 26, 2005


Today on the way to work, me and my dad were passed on I-35 by a high-speed chase. Well, that's what they're calling it anyway, if you want to call about 80 mph a high-speed chase. It wasn't that exciting at first, when it passed us it was just this one little truck being chased by one Highway Patrol. We kept it in sight for some time, as they were only going about 15 mph faster than us. After a minute, another cop car appeared, and then a couple more. About that time we lost sight of it, but we caught back up with it a mile or two down the road. He had crashed, or been run off the road or something, because the cop cars were all pulled over, and by this time there was probably about ten of them, with more coming in the distance. He was laying on the ground, with several cops on him like they were struggling with him trying to cuff him, but he didn't seem to be moving at all that I could tell. I found out later that the cops shot him, but I don't know if he was dead at that time. Probably not, by the way they were on him, but he sure didn't seem to be struggling. While I was at work, one of the other people that work there said they'd heard he'd tried to grab a cop's gun or something, and they shot him, but still no one had heard why he was running from the cops. Then, on the news this evening, I heard the full story. He was only 17, and a few days ago, he, and three others escaped from some juvenile detention center. The other three were caught pretty quickly, but he wasn't caught, and then this morning he robbed a 7-11 in Norman and stole some guy's truck there, and drove off, and that was when the chase began. When the chase ended (I still don't know if he just wrecked, or was forced off the road by the cops), he pulled a knife on them, and they shot him.

Other than that, it was a pretty normal, if maybe a little extra annoying, day for me.