Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Loser

Friday, July 15, 2005


Wow, how amazingly cool is my life? I was going to spend a Friday night going to the movies, with my mom and my little sister. Yeah, that's cool. We were going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I really want to see. We didn't get to watch it though, because we got up there and it was sold out for every showing until 9:35. Wedding Crashers was also sold out. I only know this because the teenage guys in front of us in line were throwing a big fit about it, saying, "We're getting into that movie one way or another." You couldn't pay me enough money to watch that movie. I find the very premise of that movie to be morally offensive. I almost walked out of the theater because they showed a preview of it before Star Wars Episode 3. The trailer made me so angry I almost didn't even watch Star Wars.

My mom and my sister took one car, and I took my car, because they were going to be up there until like 2:00am, and I didn't want to be. We were originally going to watch the 7:30 showing, and then when it ended at 9:30 or so, they were going to find something to do for a couple of hours, and then at midnight head over to the bookstore to get the new Harry Potter book when it comes out. They are still there now, they decided to wait for the 9:30 showing of the movie, but I didn't want to. Since I started this new job, I'm in bed by 9:30. I'm off tomorrow, so I may go see it then, I have to go up that way to do some shopping anyway. It really sucks having to drive almost 30 miles to watch a movie or do some shopping. Especially with gas as high as it is. The oil prices dropped $2.00 a barrel today though, so maybe gas prices will go down a few cents tomorrow.

My foot hurts. I ran over it with a several hundred pound pallet today. Well, I didn't exactly run over it, or I wouldn't have a foot now. For those of you who've never worked a job like that, we have these pallet jacks that you put under the jack and lift it off the ground and roll it around with. So when you are hauling the pallet around, it's a couple of inches off the ground. What I did was basically scrape the side and top of my foot with the pointed corner of a very heavy pallet that is very hard to stop once it gets going, so it didn't stop when it hit my foot. It's weird, there's not a mark on my foot, not even a bruise. You can't even tell where it happened, but it hurts pretty bad.

Today has been a pretty bad day. Well, hasn't really seemed that bad, I've been in a good mood all day, but lots of bad things have happened. First, I was unloading boxes full of half gallon boxes of fruit juices off of a pallet, and there was a couple of boxes that were a little crushed, and apparently one of the boxes had ruptured. It wasn't leaking when it was sitting there, but then when I picked it up, mango juice started pouring out of it and went all down my shirt and pants leg. Then I hit my foot like I was talking about, and then I dropped a glass jar of mayonnaise on the floor and broke it. That's the first thing I've broken since I started the job. Dale breaks two or three things every day, because he just throws everything around. It's weird, they don't put hardly anything in glass bottles anymore, but for some reason, everything that is marketed for Mexican consumers is. Even the Coke is sold in the old fashioned glass bottles. Pretty much everything on the aisles I work is in glass bottles. Then, I drove all the way up to Norman, and the movie was sold out. They need to put that information on the phone line you call to check the times. We called it right before we left, to double check the time, and it didn't say anything about anything being sold out.

I'm bored. I'm probably going to go to bed early tonight. Just like last night. Last night I was asleep by 9:00.