Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: (Good News) * 2 = Hooray!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

(Good News) * 2 = Hooray!

Umm, yes. Three cheers for geeky post titles.

The first set of good news is that Jared is not dead, just like we suspected. Chris finally got in contact with Jared's parents, and they said that he is fine and has been doing well. Also good is that they also gave us Jared's phone number, so I need to call him sometime.

The second piece of (very) good news is... I finally got a better job! Even better, I didn't even have to talk to or meet anyone to do it, my father arranged it all. It's a job up at the grocery store my dad works at, but not in the meat market this time. I won't be working for him this time, he just talked to someone else there, and got me a job with this guy. Ok, let me explain that. The supermarket my dad works at is a large store up in a part of Oklahoma City that has one of the highest concentrations of Mexican immigrants of anywhere in the country, so the store tries to cater to that specific demographic, even more so in the last few years. In the last few years they've further expanded the range of Mexican products that they carry. One two aisle section of the store (and the aisles are really large in this store) is nothing but such products, and even though it's only two aisles, those two aisles count for 50% of the store's total sales. If I understand it correctly, the store has a contract with some kind of wholesaler of Mexican goods, or something like that, and this company kind of forms a symbiotic relationship with the grocery store. The company stores all the goods in the grocery store's back storage room, with all the rest of the store's merchandise, but this company has it's own employees that come and stock the shelves, and stack the palettes in the back. They have employees working at every store they supply. It's something like that anyway. I'm not even working for the store, I'm going to be working for this other company, AT the store. So that's what I'm going to be doing, I'm one of the people who stocks the shelves in those two aisles. My father said it's a really hard job, with lots of physical labor, because I'll have to use the jack thing, I forget what it's called, to bring the pallets from the back room, and lift boxes and stuff, and then stock the shelves, and those aisles are busy, so I'll be doing a lot of it too. I'll be making almost twice what I am now though. $10 an hour, 40 hours a week. At Carl's Jr., I only make $6.55 an hour, and I almost never get the full 40 hours a week. I think I will be in a Union with benefits also. I know the store employees all do, I think I will be also, I forget. Another good thing about the job, is that I can wear whatever the hell I want. I really like that idea. It's a good thing too, because with my being overweight, and all the bending and lifting I will be having to do, I will probably have to wear sweatpants, or something similar. At least until I lose some more weight. This job will help me get in shape and lose weight too. I've been on a diet for the past month or so anyway. I've lost around 15 pounds, but I haven't been exercising or anything, so I'm still out of shape.

Now for the bad parts about the job, other than it being hard work, that is. It's way up in OKC, about an hour's drive from here, and I will be working from 5:00am to 2:00pm, (nine hours, with a one hour lunch break), which, because of how long it takes to get there, means I will have to get up around 3:00am in order to get ready and get there in time. I'm riding with my dad though, so I will save money there, by not having to pay for gas, or the wear-and-tear on my car. Unfortunately, this means spending about two hours a day in a car with my dad, an idea I don't particularly like. Also, I get off around 2:00, but my dad doesn't get off until 3:00, or sometimes 3:30, which means I will just have to wait around an hour or so for him to get off work. Adding all this together, the hours, the wait, and the long drive, this job will be about 13 hours out of my day, five days a week. Actually, I work one day my dad doesn't, so I will have to drive one day a week, which will save me an hour or more on that day, but will also cost me about 1/4 tank of gas.

Oh yeah, I start Thursday, I don't remember if I mentioned that. My last day of work at Carl's is Tuesday. I don't know what they'll do without me. Seriously, I'm not just saying that. I'm one of the few employees that actually does anything. The new woman I've been training this last week seems like a really good employee though. I approve of her, which is an amazing compliment coming from me. Not only is it bad that I'm leaving because most of the other employees suck, but also because most of the other employees are leaving too. Alicia is going to school and only works two days a week now. One night crew guy quit the other night, another is on the verge of getting fired if he calls in one more time, and two more have put in their notice, and are quitting sometime next week.

I'm really excited. I know I'm probably not going to enjoy the job that much, but I'm looking forward to all the money. Compared to how little I make now, and the way I can barely pay my bills each month, I'll feel rich. I already have plans for what I'm going to do with the money. I'm not going to blow it all, because the job might not last, who knows. I'm going to try to save a lot of it, especially at first, to replace the $1300 I had to take out of my savings to pay for all the work I had done for the car. Then I'm going to start buying a few things. I really need some new clothes. I only have three pairs of long pants, and that's counting the black dress pants I wear as part of my Carl's uniform. I only have two pairs of pants I wear outside of work, two pairs of khakis, and they are two or three years old. I also need some new shirts. Especially some nice shirts, something besides all these funny t-shirts. Pretty much every shirt I own either comes from Hot Topic, or is a t-shirt I bought online. I'll be buying more of those too, but I want to buy some nicer things too. The clothes will mostly all have to wait until I lose some more weight, and can wear the things I want to buy. I have a hard time finding the shirts I want in XX-large, especially non-t-shirts. Then after the clothes, I will buy some things for my apartment, things to help organize it and make it look better, and some more furniture and stuff. I've been wanting a nightstand for over a year now, but never wanted to spend $35 - $45 dollars to buy one.

I bought a crappy-ass $20 digital camera the other day, something I've been wanting to do for a long time now. That's another thing I will do with my money, save up for a decent camera. This one sucks. In fact, it won't even work on my Mac, I have to take it over to my parents' house, and plug it into their computer, and email the pics to myself. The pics are pretty low quality too. Large dimensions, but small file sizes. The camera even runs on AAA batteries, and the batteries only last about 15 pictures, even though the camera's supposed to hold over 100 pictures at a time. And you can't replace the batteries when you have pictures on the camera, because if you take the batteries out, the pictures get deleted, because the camera has no power other than those batteries. Anyway, this means that I will occasionally be putting some pictures from my life on here. Maybe even a picture of myself. I've never put a picture of myself on here that I can remember. This isn't because I'm trying to keep my identity secret or anything, most of the people who read this site are people I know in real life, it's because I don't have any pictures of myself. Other than three or four that totally suck, because they are pictures I took of myself. I do have a picture of my rat, Freyja, I've been meaning to post, even if it does look crappy. That's about all I have right now, a couple pictures of her, a couple of my car, and a few of the inside of Carl's Jr. Just the inside of the store, not any of the employees or anything.

Ok, that's it for now. And remember kids: God hates you and wants you to fail.