Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: A couple of great comics.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A couple of great comics.

Here are a couple of webcomics I've been reading lately.

Goats - This webcomic is hilarious, and very long running too. It's been going since 1997! This is definitely in the top five of my favorite web comics.

A Lesson is Learned, But the Damage is Irreversible - Another great webcomic. There are only 29 comics so far, despite the fact that it's been running for a year now, but they are the most beautiful comics I've ever seen, both in the artwork, and in the writing. Very dream-like.

Oh, and some news about the job I forgot to mention the other day: I'm doing very well, everyone is very impressed with me. On my first day, the boss told me the store looked really good. The next day the guy who trained me, Dale, said, "I've been working here six years and he's only told me that once! And he tells you on your first day." The manager of the entire store also complimented me the second day I worked there. And there hasn't been a day gone by that Dale hasn't told me he's really impressed with me. To clarify things a little, there's Ben, who is the guy who hired me, and is the big boss of the distribution company that I work for. We just stock certain products in certain parts of the store. I work in the grocery store, but I don't actually work for the store, I work for this distribution company. Ben is my main boss, but I only see him once every few days. Dale is halfway between Ben, and a normal employee. Dale works with me almost every day, and he is the guy I answer to when he's there. He trained me, and he tells me and my other coworkers what we should do.

I don't like Dale, he's really loud and annoying. He also used to be addicted to heroin and other drugs. He's supposedly been clean for something like six months now, but I don't know whether to believe it or not. He is really starting to affect my enjoyment of my job. I like the job, but on the days that he works, I find myself dreading going to work, and watching the clock waiting for the day to end.