Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Spam-box weirdness

Monday, March 21, 2005

Spam-box weirdness

Is it just me, or are spam e-mails getting weirder and more surreal. Now that most of them fill the body with these weird paragraphs made by what I assume is some kind of random word sentence generator. Sometimes the semi-random words actually make sentences that seem to have some kind of hidden, arcane meaning to them. Not only that, but now it appears that the names of the "people" sending the e-mail are made by the same word generator. But they, even more often than the sentences, seem to fit together in some sort of strangely appropriate manner. Here are some of the funnier names I've gotten in my mailbox over the last week:

Peritoneum I. Islam
Fact D. Hiroshima
Piggy J. Outgrow
Morita K. Humiliation
Parchments G. Lysol
Huddle B. Inmate
And, the best name ever, Mentalities J. Tardily.

I've seen some other really good ones, but I finally deleted them the other day, because I was tired of them sitting in my spam-filter inbox.