Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Hulk Smash Tiny Penis!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Hulk Smash Tiny Penis!

A conversation I just had with Melissa:

subspecies23: Grrr, Hulk Angry! Hulk angry because Hulk ass smell so bad!
missy_custer: ewwww smelly green bootay
subspecies23: Hulk smash ass smell!!
missy_custer: lmao
missy_custer: ohhhh, I rented "The Incredibles" it was SO COOL
subspecies23: Hulk penis stink!
subspecies23: eww, lol
missy_custer: ewwwwwwww
subspecies23: really, I haven't seen that.
missy_custer: It's so great!!
missy_custer: I think you'd like it
subspecies23: "The Ring 2" came out today, I want to see it.
missy_custer: oooh
missy_custer: Ringu around your anus!
subspecies23: lol
missy_custer: Hulk smash anus ring!
subspecies23: lol
subspecies23: Hulk need cock ring!
missy_custer: ew!
missy_custer: big splintery one
subspecies23: he could use a tire, lol
missy_custer: LMFAO
subspecies23: Hulk use giant penis as club!
missy_custer: I just thought of that Michelin tires
missy_custer: lmao
missy_custer: "I clubbeth you over head! RARGH! Mine eyes get red! Big bulgey green penis veins!"
subspecies23: actually, it would seem that not everything grows when he turns into the hulk, lol. Daniel let me borrow some comic books of his the other day, and the Hulk is in there, and there are times when there's just a little scrap of pants over the crotch area, and there's no bulge or anything, lol
subspecies23: Maybe that's why he's so angry, lol
subspecies23: Hulk smash tiny penis!
subspecies23: Hulk embarrassed to shower at the gym!
missy_custer: lmao
subspecies23: lmfao
missy_custer: Hulk have shorty penis!
subspecies23: lol
missy_custer: "Green woman no want me!"
missy_custer: "Swamp Thing gets all the chicks!"

A few minutes later...

missy_custer: i'll have to wait, my dad's gonna be here in a minute lalala
missy_custer: he's gonna give me a padlock and a key for my new storage I'll be using
subspecies23: to keep the dead bodies in!
subspecies23: lol
missy_custer: roflmao
missy_custer: It might fit 2 short people.
subspecies23: or one person, cut in half!
missy_custer: roflmao