Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: I'm still alive...

Monday, February 14, 2005

I'm still alive...

Yes, I know I'm still not posting. I'm still spending all free time playing Kingdom of Loathing. So, time for another huge post covering events of the last few weeks.

So, Chris got married a couple of weeks ago. It was just a simple court house ceremony that barely took five minutes once it get started. But still, it was one of the weirdest weddings I've ever seen. They didn't even make the rest of us sit down in the seats, they let us all stand up there around Chris and Candice, and people kept laughing and making comments, especially Chris and Candice themselves. When it came time to exchange the vows, Chris and Candice kept laughing, especially when it came to the part about promising to honor and obey, and stuff like that, we all started laughing, because we all knew better than that.

Then, after the wedding, most of us went out to eat at Hunans, a Chinese place, which a week later was in the news because it has been declared the nastiest place in Oklahoma in recent inspections, and is being shut down. Still, it was really good when we were there. It may have been full of roaches or something, but it tasted really good.

Then, Friday, Chris came back up to Oklahoma for the weekend. He was going to stay the weekend, and me, him, David, and Chris' brother Richard were supposed to all go out to some strip clubs and get drunk and stuff Saturday night. Instead, we ended up going out Friday AND Saturday. The plan had originally been to go out to The Playhouse, the place that I went to a while back, and said was so great. Oh, and Chris' wife knew all about us going to the strip clubs, but she doesn't mind.

On Friday night, I was hanging out with Chris and his brother, and they needed to go up to Norman for some stuff, and while we were up there, we decided to go to some strip club there in Norman, that neither me nor Chris even knew existed. Richard mainly wanted to go there, so we could see how crappy it was, he said it was really crappy, with skanky dancers. And he was right. There were only three dancers even there at first, and two of them looked like they were around 40. And for some reason they all kept coming out to our pool table we were playing at, and hanging around us, and one of them got a bad attitude. She got pissed because I wouldn't talk to her, and was being my usual anti-social self. I wasn't really being rude or anything, but she just started freaking out, and was being very rude, and on the verge of getting violent, so we left. It wasn't my fault, Chris and Richard said she was a crazy bitch too.

Then we decided to go up to another club, it was better, but still wasn't very good, so then we went to Night Trips, the place I mentioned last time, that's supposed to be the best strip club around here. I didn't think it was that great. Yeah, they had some really good looking dancers, but the place was so packed, it was just shoulder to shoulder, and you couldn't get anywhere near the stage without having to fight your way there. Then after we left there, we went and ate at Dennys. It was a pretty cool night, and Richard wasn't too bad, I usually hate Chris' brother. Mainly because he embarrasses me, and says things to me that make me uncomfortable. Not like THAT, you perverts. It's just that his whole family is very open, especially with sexual things, and they just all sit around talking about things I'd never talk about, especially not with someone's parents, and Richard is really bad about saying things to me that embarrass me. He wasn't that bad these two nights, well, until he got drunk, that is.

Then, Saturday night, David ended up not being able to come, which sucked, because he was supposed to be the designated driver, so we had to decide who had to be it in his place. Chris ended up being it, so he wasn't able to drink until we got back to my place. So we went up to The Playhouse. On the way there we stopped by a liquor store, and bought some stuff, and me and Richard had some drinks in the car, brandy and coke. I think we both had two fairly large ones. Then, to make a long story short, we all three had an absolute blast at the Playhouse, and they all agreed with me that it is a fantastic place, and they said that I really know how to pick strip clubs. I was feeling kinda proud of myself. We made plans to do this again every time Chris comes up for the weekend.

But then, things started to fall apart. On the way back, Richard was so horny from the club, that he started trying to find some girls for me and him, and try to get them to come over to my place where we were going next to all get drunk. He tried calling all the girls he knew, and wasn't having much luck. Then he got ahold of some guy and girl that he knew, and they were going to come over, and she was supposed to bring some friends. They got to my place, but none of the other girls came. So then, them and Richard just sat around playing some drinking game, and all got very drunk, and then got rowdy, and then they all got in some argument and the guy and girl left. So yeah, the party was really sucky, and I got in a really bad mood, which always happens though when I get drunk around several people. I'm fine when I get drunk by myself, or with just a person or two, but in party situations I always get really depressed and angry, and end up punching walls. And that's when the party goes good. By the end of this night, I was really really angry and depressed. And in fact, have now been depressed and angry for two days. Partly because of that, and partly because of it being Valentine's Day.

Ok, so, this post is long, and I don't really feel that well tonight, so I'm going to end this now. I don't feel that depressed or anything anymore, but I'm suffering from allergies or something now.