Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: The last two weeks.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The last two weeks.

Ok, it's been two, almost three weeks since I last made a real post about what has been going on in my life. The last one was my birthday. So, I mentioned I got all that furniture for my birthday. So like I said, we worked on the big entertainment center the night I got it, and didn't get done with it, so then we finally got done with it the next day, and it took me another couple of hours to get all my video game systems and stuff off the old TV stand and all the cords untangled and stuff, and to get them all on the new one and all hooked up. To make things a little easier in the future, I finally labeled all the cords with what systems they go to like I've been meaning to for some time. I do this mainly because I often have to unhook one system to hook up another one when I want to play it. I have a system selector switchbox thing, but it only has five buttons and I have more things than that, so I still can't hook up everything at once. Then the next day I spent several hours putting all my video games and DVDs and VHS tapes on the shelves also. The entertainment center has the middle part, which holds the TV, and above that, a shelf wide enough to hold two things, and below the TV, two cabinet doors. Then on each side it has two five-shelf bookcase things over six foot tall. Even with all that space, I only have one shelf left after putting all that stuff on it. Over the TV I put my VCR and PS2, but I will have to move the PS2, as I wasn't thinking when I put it there. It's fine to go there when I am using it as a DVD player (which I won't be doing anymore, more on that in a few minutes) but when I'm playing a video game, the controller cord hangs down in front of the screen. Duh. I've still been playing it anyway like that, it's not causing any problems yet, as it hangs down near the edge of the screen anyway. The in the cabinets below, I put all my video game instructions books, extra cords, controllers, and stuff like that. I keep all instruction books, even if I never read them. I still have the instructions to old NES games, some that I don't even have the game anymore. Then on all the shelves I put everything else. And on the top I put my TV antenna, and my cable modem and router. Here are all the machines and stuff that I had to put in this thing and hook up: NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, PS2, X-Box, VCR, set-top antenna, modem, router, switchbox, TV. It took me a while.

Then, a few days later, I finally put together the bookshelf I also got, I did it by myself and it still only took barely an hour. And I did a good job too. My dad almost ruined the entertainment center, when it came time to nail the back on, half the nails ended up sticking out of the wood on the sides of the cabinets because they were at an angle or improperly aligned. This made me very mad. My dad did that part of the assembly. But when I put together the bookshelf by myself, not a single nail came out of the wood. I also after several days finally cleaned up the place a little, it was still a disaster area. It's still kinda messy, because all the new stuff I got for Christmas is just sitting around, and so is the bookshelf because I still haven't decided where I'm going to put it. Also, my old TV stand is still sitting around. My parent's said they'd take it and sell it at their next garage sale, but so far they have forgotten, I need to remind them to come get it.

Ok, so now on to Christmas. My mom overdid it on the presents like usual. It's embarrassing, I'm 25 and living on my own now, and she still insists on buying me tons of presents, and almost all video games and stuff. I'm not complaining, but it's kinda embarrassing. She always spends a thousand dollars or more in all for Christmas, I was talking about that at work one day, and everyone was like "How can I become part of your family?"

I didn't know how we were going to do Christmas this year. When I was a kid, we'd open the presents from each other on Christmas Eve, then on Christmas morning, we'd open the presents from Santa, and the stockings and stuff. Just about the time I was too old for us to do the whole Santa thing anymore, my sister was born, and so we kept doing that, but now she's 14, and hasn't believed in Santa in years, so I didn't know if we were going to open everything on Eve, or Christmas morning, or what. But mom insisted on still doing it the usual way, we'd open all the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve, and then there'd be a few more the next morning.

Just Christmas Eve alone made this one of the best Christmases ever to me, and to my sister it WAS the best Christmas ever, she kept saying so. I got everything I'd told my mom she could get me, plus pretty much anything else I'd even acted like I would want over the last six months or so. I got several video games, Fable, for the X-box; Dragonball Z Budokai 3 for the PS2; Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for the PS2; Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, for the Gamecube; and Metroid Zero Mission, for the Gameboy Advance. And that wasn't the half of it. I also got several DVDs: The Last Samurai, the Cowboy Bebop movie, and both box sets of the Pee Wee's Playhouse DVDs, it's the entire series on DVD, it's like 15 or 16 DVDs. I also got one of those Gizmo cordless can openers, a hand mixer, and three corningware cookware things, and a couple of baking pans. I also got a X-Box live starter kit, but I didn't need that anymore, so I took it back to get some other stuff with the money. I didn't need it anymore because it comes with a headset, which my mom didn't know I'd already gotten one myself; a game that I don't really like anyway; and a 12 month subscription to X-Box live, which I'd just paid for like the day before. When I got Halo 2 it came with a free two month subscription, and then when it runs out, they automatically bill you for the next year, unless you cancel, which I was wanting them to renew it for the year anyway. My two months ran out and I was billed for the next year just a day or two before Christmas, so now I didn't need that subscription thing anymore, unless I wanted to keep it around for a year, so I just took the whole thing back a couple of days after Christmas, and got $75 that I spent on other things. Because the two things I REALLY wanted for Christmas was the only things I didn't get. For months I'd been wanting some of those adapters so I can play my iPod over my car radio, and mom said she'd probably get them for me for Christmas, but she didn't. If I'd known she wasn't going to I would've bought them myself months ago. So with the $75 I got that, and an extension for my gamecube controller cord, plus the DVD of the Mario Brothers movie, and a DVD of Puni Puni Poemy, an anime series by the makers of Excel Saga, which is even weirder than Excel Saga, something I didn't think was possible.

Speaking of Halo 2, I haven't played it in over a month, almost two. I haven't played it since about two weeks after I got it. The X-Box live subscription I am now paying for is just going to waste.

Then my sister got mostly DVDs. She got Annie, and the Fifth Element, which are two of her favorite movies, and also the Yuu Yuu Hakusho movie. She also got the Yuu Yuu Hakusho video game for the PS2, which was like the only thing she REALLY wanted for Christmas. She also got some CD, and the first three seasons of Aqua Teen Hunger Force on DVD. She also got some clothes, and some other stuff. Just from that stuff she was saying that this was the best Christmas ever, what she didn't know, (but I did) was that for her the best was yet to come, on Christmas morning.

After all these presents I told mom I had no idea what else there could possibly me for me on Christmas morning, and she said that she only had one more present for me.

So then on Christmas morning, I got a DVD/VCR combo machine. It's a really good one too, it's by Samsung, and it plays absolutely everything. It plays DVDs, CDs, DVD-R, CD-R, MP3 CDs, picture CDs, and even has slots in the front so you can put the memory cards from your cameras and stuff in it and see them on the TV. The only thing it doesn't do is burn DVDs.

On Christmas morning my sisters mind was blown. She got an X-Box, with Halo and Halo 2. Then, she also got something she'd been wanting, but didn't figure she'd get. A computer. Several nights before I had to go out with my mom and help her find one to buy. It's an amazing computer too, 2.1GHz, which is the worst thing about it, 160 GB harddrive, and 512 RAM. She also got a big computer desk, which I spent several hours Christmas morning putting together, by myself, because my dad was sick. He watched me though, and kept telling me that I was doing an amazing job, and that he was proud of me. He also kept mentioning that "you know, some places pay people to put this stuff together, you could do that."

Then I spent the rest of the day setting the computer up, and learning how to use it, since it was running Windows XP and the last Windows version I've ever used was Windows 98, and configuring all the settings and crap. I went back after work for several days doing all that, and then when I was finally about done, they got the cable internet installed, so I had to go back and set all that up, and configure their internet parental controls and stuff. This is why I didn't even get to play any of the new games I got for several days after Christmas. I've still only played a couple of them and hardly watched any of the DVDs. Also because I worked 8 days straight, I went back to work the day after Christmas, and didn't have another day off until Monday. I did go home sick Saturday though, like four hours early. I was really sick for a couple of days.

On Christmas Eve, I played my Metroid for the gameboy a while, but didn't get to play that much, because Chris was here for Christmas, and wanted me to come over to his parent's place and hang out with him and everyone else for a while before he had to leave because he and Candice both had to work the next morning, meaning they'd have to drive back to Texas overnight and had to leave in a few hours. I took my games with me to show him what I got, and while I was there, I didn't get to play any, but I watched David play the Budokai 3 for a while. It looks much better than 2. I still haven't played it, or Fable yet. Once I finally go to play my games, I started with Paper Mario. It's great, I played it for about 8 hours over just two days. I also watched a few episodes of Pee Wee's Playhouse. Then a couple of days ago, I finally played San Andreas. I wasn't sure if I'd like this game or not, from the reviews I'd read. They changed it some, and added all these stats and stuff, and you have to keep the guy fed, and stuff like that. But actually, it's very well done, and actually make the game better! I like this one even more than Vice City, though Vice City has the better music. I don't like most of the music on this game. I played it for an hour or so Sunday night, then Monday, my day off, I played it for six hours straight. I'm off again today, and after I get done with this, and other stuff I have to get done today, I'm going to play it for probably another six hours.

Ok, I think that's it for now. I'm sure I'll think of some more stuff I didn't mention later, but for now this post is already enormous.

Oh yeah, one other thing. I finally got around to watching the Cowboy Bebop movie Monday night, and it is GREAT!