Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: SMASH!

Monday, December 13, 2004


Ugh. I had a wreck. Not much of one, I just backed into another vehicle in the parking lot here at the apartments. People keep throwing sofas and matresses out around the dumpsters, and the garbage men won't pick them up, they just leave them laying there for months. So now, to make room for the growing collection of sofas, the garbage men have moved the dumpster way out into the parking lot, at least 6 feet from the curb it sits in front of. I've always parked beside the dumpster, but now the way it's pulled out, I can't see around it anymore, and as I went to back out of my parking, someone else was pulling into the parking lot, and I ended up backing into her. It barely even scratched my bumper, just made a few paint smudges, and smudged one of my bumper stickers. It dented the door of her van in really bad though. She was really nice about it. She said she didn't even care how the door looked, as long as it still worked. And she wasn't even going to take my insurance info at first. But then we noticed that even though the door opens and closes, it doesn't quite seal at the top corner, so that it would leak in the rain. So she took my info, but said she was going to call her son who works on cars, and if he could fix it so that it closed right, she wouldn't even call the insurance. But when I told my dad about it, he said I shoulda just offered her money if it needed fixed, so that way it wouldn't go on my record and raise my insurance. This wreck happened when I was on break from work. I always come home and eat, and feed my rat, and then go back to work. Then, when I got back to work, my dad was there eating breakfast, so that's when I told him. He asked me which apartment she lived in, and then while I was at work, he went and talked to her. By the time I got off work it had all been taken care of. He offered her $200 in cash right there, in exchange for her signing an agreement he's written up. She accepted the $200, a nd signed the agreement without even really reading it he said. He made her give him my insurance info she'd written down, and the agreement said that in exchange for the $200 she would not call the police, or the insurance, or take any further action of any kind against me. Of course, it's not an official document, but it's a signed agreement that would at least be worth something in court. Of course I had to pay him back the $200, which sucks because I'm poor enough as it is. He said I got off easy though. He looked at the van, and he said that the gap could probably be fixed, but that the dents probably wouldn't pound out even if she wanted to have it done, and he said that based on other repairs he's had done, even if they had pounded out, it would've probably cost over $1000 to do. In fact, they'd probably want to just replace the whole door, which would've cost even more. More than the van is even worth probably. He said that if she had gone to the insurance, they probably would've just totaled the car, even though the door was all that was damaged, because the repairs would cost more than the vehicle was worth.

Now I have REALLY got to get a second job. Seriously. I have to get something, even if it's just another fast food job, even though I swore I'd never work another fast food job. I should try Subway, that seems like it wouldn't be such a bad job. The Subway isn't usually very busy around here anyway, and making those sandwiches looks really easy. Not only am I out $200 for the wreck, but I also have insurance coming up at the end of January, which will be somewhere around $500. All this will have to be taken out of savings too, as I usually even end up having to take money out just to pay my normal monthly bills.

In other news, I heard my neighbors having sex last night. That's the first time that's happened. It was only for about 20 seconds or so, sounded like the woman was climaxing. It was really sexy actually. Especially when I remembered that the woman that lives over there is a very attractive girl about my age.

That's it for tonight. I'm going to play Chrono Trigger for a few more minutes, and then go to bed.