Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Nation of Vomit

Monday, December 06, 2004

Nation of Vomit

subspecies23: I want to stand on the side of the highway with a sign, like a hitchhiker, but the sign will say "SEX" lol
missy_custer: lmfao
missy_custer: and you will be naked
subspecies23: ew, lol
subspecies23: or pretend I'm a bum, and carry a sign that says "Will work for blowjobs"
subspecies23: if I was naked on the side of the highway, there'd be all kinds of wrecks, lol
missy_custer: yeah....for anyone who was naked
subspecies23: but me especially, because people would be vomiting everywhere, lol
subspecies23: it'd be just like that scene in "Stand by Me" lol
missy_custer: oh sheeeeesh
subspecies23: Someone would vomit, and then someone else in the car would see them vomit, and so it would make them vomit, and so on, until the whole car was full of vomit, lol
subspecies23: and when that car wrecked, and vomit went everywhere, other people would vomit
subspecies23: and soon there'd be a big 40 car, vomit covered pile-up on the highway
subspecies23: and then, when the cops, and the ambulance workers came, they'd see all the vomit, and then they'd vomit
subspecies23: and then the news crews would arrive, and the helicopter would fly over, and broadcast pictures of the whole vomit-covered mess all over the nation, and everyone watching tv would vomit
subspecies23: and so on, until the whole country was covered with vomit
subspecies23: all because I was standing by the road naked