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Saturday, December 04, 2004

It's about time...

Wow, my Blogger is actually working today, I've barely been able to get it to work in a week. Maybe now I'll be able to post some of the links I've been wanting to post. But first: Monday was Alicia's birthday, I took her up to this fancy new theatre she'd been wanting to go to, up in Bricktown. Bricktown (which I can never type for some reason) is an area in Oklahoma City where there's a lot of old brick warehouse buildings and stuff, it was always a cool place, with lots of nice restaraunts and clubs, but now over the last few years they've spent millions of dollars renovating it and building new things, and attracting big new businesses to it. Now it's a really cool place, wich all kinds of nice restaurants and all the good clubs, and it fancy places, and it even has a canal running through it. You can ride on water taxis in the canal, and there's also a trolley. Anyway, they just recently opened a nice new theatre. So I took her there for her birthday, and we went and saw Ray, the movie about Ray Charles. It was really good, I didn't know if it would be or not. It sounded like a good movie, but I don't like Jamie Foxx, but he did a really good job as Ray Charles. It was a very sad movie too, towards the end. I never knew Ray Charles had a heroin addiction, which was one of the main points of the movie, in fact, as soon as he kicks the habit in the late sixties, the movie ends just a few minutes later, it doesn't even cover his whole life. It was still really good though.

Ok, here's some links from the past few days:

Like an Episode Of - A very odd webcomic. Funny though.

Neo Monster Island - Home of Twisted Kaiju Theater: Strange Comics featuring little japanese monster toys. Also home of the Kaiju Girls! WHich I think I can best describe simply quoting from the site: "I'm pretty proud of being one of the first guys to combine red hot anime babes with city-destroying kaiju. These are the pages of the scaly babes of Neo-Monster Island."

Ok, looks like I wont get to post all the links tonight now. While I was making this post, I discovered another webcomic, and just spent five hours reading the ENTIRE series. I think my brain has rotted now. It's a really great comic, but it's a continuous story, so you have to start at the beginning. WIGU

I haven't even ate tonight, I've barely left this chair while I was reading that comic. So, I have to go now.