Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, December 19, 2004


Whee, birthday! Today has been a busy day, very hectic. No relaxation on THIS birthday!

Well, the morning was ok. I woke up at nine, and played Chrono Trigger for a couple of hours. Then around 11:30 I went over to my parents' house, because me and my mom were going shopping. For my birthday my parents were going to just give me $200 to spend on furniture I was wanting. I was wanting to get a bookshelf, and entertainment center, and a nightstand. I have a little table by my bed, but it was no drawers, and I need some more drawers in my house. But then I realized that half my drawers are filled up with video games and books and magazines, so after I got the bookshelf and entertainment center, I'd have all the drawers I need. I have hundreds of VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs and video games, the games are all in drawers mostly, and the movies and CDs are on various little racks and shelves designed for that purpose, but I was out of room on them, so I was hoping to get an entertainment center big enough to hold all my multitudes of video game systems, and also at least some of my movies and CDs. As for the bookshelf, I have one large five-shelf bookshelf already, but I have so many books and magazines and comics, that I need another one, and even that might not hold everything.

So my mom, my sister, and I left to go shopping around noon. Oh, also, not only did they give me the $200, but my dad also decided to give back the $200 that I gave him to pay him back for when he paid the lady I backed into. So basically, I got $400 for my birthday. So we went shopping, fighting the traffic and the crowds, and went all over the place, and ended up going back and getting everything from Wal-Mart, which was the first place we went. That's the way it always is though. We drove probably 200 miles today, going all the way up to OKC and going to about 6 different stores just up there, plus several there in Norman, then we went back to Norman and bought everything at the Wal-Mart there. I got a really nice entertainment center, it has loads of storage space, it's basically got a five-shelf bookshelf on each side, plus a couple of shelves in the center under the TV. Then I got a big bookshelf too. I also got Mary Poppins, which just came out on DVD in a two disk set. I love that movie. I've had the songs from it stuck in my head most of the day now, and I haven't even watched it yet, or seen it in a couple of years.

So we left about noon, and didn't get back until almost 5:00. Then we got my birthday dinner. Around my house, not only do we get presents, but we get whatever we want for dinner that night. Me and my sister almost always choose Joe's Pizza, which is the best pizza on earth, but is so expensive we usually only get it on special occasions. But they are closed on Sundays, and that didn't really sound that good to me anyway, so I got my absolute favorite food, CHINESE FOOD, from the place right here in town, which is also the best Chinese I've ever had. Then we all, including my dad, came over to my apartment to put the stuff together, at about 6:00. We just stopped at about 9:45. We didn't get done, we just stopped. We didn't even get to start on the bookshelf, but we're almost done with the huge entertainment center, we'll have to finish it tomorrow. My apartment is a disaster area, with wood and tools and stuff everywhere, I even had to move the furniture out of the way so we'd have room to work, so now I have to walk on my sofa to even get to my bedroom. My rat, Freyja's, cage is also on the sofa.

I also got pizza, from Pizza Hut, I haven't even eaten it yet, and probably won't for a day or two, as the Chinese food will last me through the whole day tomorrow too. I just got it and stuck it in the fridge. I just got it because I had a coupon for a free large pizza on your birthday, and I didn't want it to go to waste. I barely even got to use it though, I barely got there before they closed, I've been so busy today. I'm almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow, I was so busy today. What sucks though, is I don't think I have another day off until Christmas. I might have Christmas Eve day off though, I don't know yet.

Well, I have other stuff I want to write about, but it's time to get ready for bed, and I'm tired, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. Except I'll probably be working on furniture most of the night tomorrow too. I'll probably get to post though.

I'm sad I didn't get to talk to any of my friends today though. Melissa sent me a bunch of e-cards. They were funny. And Alicia put a message over there in the chatterbox saying that she was going to come over and give me my present, but I wasn't here all day, so I missed her. She just came by and stuck the card to my door, I don't know if that was all she had, or what. I wish I'd been here though. The card w as funny too. It had a picture of a chicken in a corset on it, and said "A waist is a terrible thing to mind," or something similar to that. Wait! Are you saying I'm fat!?

Ok, bedtime.