Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Shatner Ketchup

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Shatner Ketchup

On the site that Alicia shares with her friends,, one of her friends posted about a bottle of Heinz ketchup that on the front says "Fixes Burgers at Warp Speed," and below it says "William Shatner." Alicia is obsessesed with Shatner, so I knew she'd want one. I want one too. We got into a very funny conversation about it, I'm SqrrlODoom, by the way:

SqrrlODoom (9:10:03 PM): lmao, a Shatner ketchup bottle
Caffiene Rain (9:10:12 PM): I know, I want one!
SqrrlODoom (9:10:24 PM): If I see one I'll get it for you, lol
Caffiene Rain (9:10:35 PM): yay!
SqrrlODoom (9:11:00 PM): I hope they have two, because I want it too, lol
Caffiene Rain (9:11:15 PM): that would be the best birthday present ever
SqrrlODoom (9:11:30 PM): we can share it, we can be like a divorced couple with kids, I get the bottle one week, you get it the next, lol
SqrrlODoom (9:11:34 PM): that would be messed up, lol
Caffiene Rain (9:11:50 PM): lmao
Caffiene Rain (9:12:13 PM): then you can tell your landlady you WERE married, but we got divorced
SqrrlODoom (9:12:25 PM): we can go to court over custody of the ketchup bottle
Caffiene Rain (9:12:30 PM): lmao
SqrrlODoom (9:12:46 PM): you can have the house, but I'm keeping the Shatner ketchup!
Caffiene Rain (9:12:54 PM): LMFAO
SqrrlODoom (9:13:23 PM): wow, I laughed too hard at that, lol