Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: HUGE HALO 2 ARTICLE OVER AT GAMESPY

Monday, November 08, 2004


It's almost time! And to make the waiting harder, Gamespy has posted a huge article about the game. And I mean huge! There's nine pages just about the soundtrack! Now that the game is almost out, they can tell more about it, and have made up for it by making this article huge.


I'm thinking I may need to go to Gamespot and get in line earlier than I had planned. I hadn't planned on going very early, as my copy is completely paid for, and when you pay it completely, you get a VIP pass, that eliminates your wait. But I was talking to Daniel, and he had been talking to someone on their cellphone that was already waiting in line, and at 8:00 there were already a few dozen people in line. This small store said they have over 3000 copies reserved in people's names. So it looks like I'll be in for a huge wait no matter what ticket I have. There are people up there waiting in lawn chairs even.

Ok, so, I'm excited. I'm going back to reading that article now.