Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Death to the unbelievers!

Monday, November 15, 2004

Death to the unbelievers!

Well, now that Bush has won his second term in office, and on top of that, the House and Senate are both under republican control, I guess it won't be long until we're all gonna die. Unless you're a good Christian, who hates gays, and pornography, and abortion, and you pray to Jesus every day to smite the heathen Muslims, and the French, and everyone else, including fellow Americans who don't believe that Bush is the emmisary of God, and that we must all do whatever he says or burn in Hell for all eternity.

I wonder how long it's gonna be until Micheal Moore is found dead in his home, under suspicious circumstances? Of course, the official reports will all say he died of a heart attack, or some other weight induced heart problem.

And what the fuck is going on upstairs?! It sounds like my upstairs neighbors are trying to saw a hole through my ceiling. With a vibrator.