Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Cry me a river...

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Cry me a river...

Fuck it. Everything's broken. Everything sucks. What happened? Last Saturday was one of the best days of my life, but ever since then, nothing's gone right. For some reason it won't let me sign into my Personal Earthlink Start-page, so I can't even read the fucking news. It keeps telling me "invalid username or password." I even went and did the "I forgot my password" thing, and it verified my identity, and gave me a new password. But it's still giving me the same error message, even with the new password. Also, my internet browser or something is fucking up. For the last few days I haven't even been able to go to half the websites I want to go to. I click the link, or type the address, and it just goes to a blank white page, and loads forever. It will load for as long as I leave the window open, but nothing ever shows up, no matter how many times I hit reload or click the link again. It took me about an hour to get Blogger to open so I could even write this post. And then, on most of the webpages, even the ones that it will let me go to, they don't work right. The page loads, everything that should be there, is there. But yet, for some reason, the page still continues loading, and it does this for as long as I leave it open.

Also, everywhere I go, everyone is acting like even bigger bitches and assholes than usual.

For example: I, like everyone else at work, have been looking forward to November the 9th for about a year now, because that's when Halo 2 comes out. I already have my copy reserved and paid for. I even put the 9th and 10th in the request off book on September 10th, TWO MONTHS before the date I wanted off. And Allen didn't fucking give me either day off. He's got almost everyone working that day. He did it on purpose, because he's sick of hearing us all talk about Halo 2 all the time, and how much we are looking forward to it. He's got more than enough people working that day, and is still making me work. And Murray, the only person who did get that day off, even though he didn't request it, won't switch days with me, because he wants the 9th off too. I offered to work two days for Murray, in exchange for him working for me this one day, and he still won't do it! I've had it in the request off book for two months, I should have gotten at least one of the two days off!

My mom bought me a set-top TV antenna thing, so I could at least watch the local networks. It has a built in signal amplifier and everything. The salesmen, and the box, everything all said it would definitely work for me. They said it would pick everything up, no matter where I live, even if I am in an apartment, on the ground floor, with other buildings all around me. It doesn't fucking work. It won't pick up a damn thing. I was finally, after fiddling with it and changing the position for like an hour, able to get it to pick up CBS at least good enough I could watch the election coverage, but barely.

And the election. I'm not even going to fucking talk about that. At least not yet. The pain is still too fresh. And THIS says all there is to say anyway.

God, I've seriously felt like crying ever since I walked in the door from work today. All the built up stress and emotions from the last week.