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Sunday, November 07, 2004

1d, 4hrs, 44min

It's almost time for Halo 2! I can't wait! The store I've got my copy reserved at is opening at 12:01 to sell it, so it's just a little over 24 hours!

My two days off in a row weren't as boring as I had expected, as I actually found some things to keep me busy. I've been so bored lately, I can barely handle the time from when I come home from work between 2:00 and 4:00pm, and the time I go to bed, usually around 10:30pm. And my last day off I was so bored I was ready for bed by 6:30pm. So I didn't know what I'd do with two days off in a row.

I spent most of my day yesterday out of the house. I had a little bit of shopping to do, but I also just went to both Sooner Fashion Mall and Crossroads Mall and looked around for a while. I also bought a lot of stuff. A lot more than I should have, considering how poor I am. I put most of it on my credit card, increasing my debt. I'm still not near as far in debt as most people. I only have, counting yesterday's purchases, about $1,300 of debt. One of the things I bought yesterday, I wouldn't have bought, if I knew the second thing I bought was going to be there for me to buy. There's this board game I've been wanting, called Go. It's one of the world's oldest games. It was invented about 4,000 years ago in China, and then became really popular in Japan. It is still played by millions of people in China, Japan, and Korea, but is a little hard to find around here. I've been trying to find somewhere that sells it for probably six months now, but never could. I couldn't even find anywhere online that sells it. But yesterday at Sooner Fashion Mall, they had one of those small stores set up out in the hallway, but this one was actually fairly large for one of these places. It was a game store, they had about every game you could think of, other than video games, that is. At first I didn't think they had Go, but then I finally found it on the bottom of the last shelf. I could barely contain my joy. Now that I've finally got the game, I've found some websites online where I could've bought it. I was looking up sites that teach you to play it today. The rules are very simple, but it takes a lifetime to master. It's very complicated when you actually play it. Me and my sister tried to play a game today, but we didn't do anything right at all I don't think.

Here's a great site for buying Go games and supplies, it also has a small how-to-play tutorial:

If I had known I was going to find a copy of Go, I wouldn't have bought some of the other stuff I bought that day. Especially the $20 t-shirt at Hot Topic. I bought a lot of stuff at Hot Topic yesterday. They had a huge selection of Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, I would have loved to have all of it, but the only thing I bought was a wristband with Jack's face on it. I also bought some stickers and patches and stuff, with various things on them. The t-shirt is a Family Guy t-shirt I've been wanting, but Hot Topic usually doesn't have anything in my size, but occasionally they do. It's a bright yellow shirt, with Stewie on it. He's all covered in mud, and saying "I'm a dirty, foul little boy."

I remember a time, not too long ago, that I wouldn't be caught dead wearing a bright yellow shirt. My mom commented on this too, when she saw the shirt. Used to everything I owned was black, with a few whites and greys. Those are my favorite colors, or used to be, black and grey mainly, but I also liked things that were black and white. But now, the last year or two, I've tried to stop wearing so much black, and was instead wearing more greys and whites. But now, in just the last few months, I've gotten a couple of brightly colored shirts. My red Red vs. Blue shirt, and now this yellow Stewie shirt.

Ok, well, that's it for now. Don't expect on hearing much out of me the next few days, as I will be quite busy.

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