Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Presidential Debate Drinking Game

Hooray for the Gummi!:

Meanwhile, I am a presidential debate whore. Loves it. I cannot believe people are going to vote for that hairy ass Bush, can't they see how fucking stupid he is? Really. Mr. President, name three mistakes you have made in office. I thank you for that. My war is great and we brought everyone to justice, this isn't wrong war wrong place wrong time flip flop wearing liberal rhetoric and prefab answers. Want some wood? What a fucking dumbass. What is the matter with this country? Who can be so blind to this moron who has ruined our street cred, killed our children in a war that never should have happened and let the terrorists sneak off to increase their numbers? It makes me mad. Kerry may have a big old head and a strange looking chin but at least he is smart. Orwellian? Fantastic! That should not scare people. But it does because it's not a word most people can read off of the side of a Happy Meal box. I'll tell you why Bushie thinks the air quality is just fine, it's because he had the EPA lower their clean air act standards, fuckwad. He don't know nothing. It's so frustrating, why can't they see Bush doesn't answer the questions and how worked up he gets, all monkey faced and confused? It's because he's looking for his banana as a reward. Put him in a cage and let him play on the tire swing where he belongs. Get out the vote, beetles. If you are undecided, what the hell is wrong with you? Parasites in your brain, most likely. Or crabs in your pubes. Don't make me angry. Ah, too late. Bush is probably a Yankees fan he's so stupid. Asses of evil. Watch the debate tonight and drink everytime he doesn't answer the question posed to him. You will be drunk in the first half hour. Drink for every child left behind. Drink for his so called medicare reform that won't happen until 2006. Drink if you take expensive prescription drugs not bought in Canada. Drink if you think religion is more important than a woman's right to choose. And just to show Im not overly biased, drink everytime Kerry says he has a plan and doesn't tell us what that plan is, but dammit he has a plan. Whatever that may be, and I don't care because he's got one. Unlike capuchin monkey love child who will instill a draft and send your loved ones to slaughter and send all your jobs overseas. Vote motherfuckers, vote. For Kerry! I heart Kerry and his big head.