Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Jamie Lee Curtis

Monday, October 04, 2004

Jamie Lee Curtis

Here's a conversation I just had with Melissa.

subspecies23: Janet Leigh died, the woman from psycho
missy_custer: yeah.
missy_custer: Poor Jamie Lee Curtis
subspecies23: I hate Jamie Lee Curtis, lol
missy_custer: lol
missy_custer: she was born with a penis you know?
missy_custer: but it was so small, they had it removed
subspecies23: really?
subspecies23: wow
missy_custer: yeah!
subspecies23: and a vagina?
missy_custer: she was born a hermaphrodite
missy_custer: yep
subspecies23: cool
subspecies23: lol
missy_custer: lmfao
subspecies23: I always thought she had a manly looking face, lol
missy_custer: yeah, and when she gains's like a man, mostly in the midsection
missy_custer: and she had her boobs done
subspecies23: I did not know that
missy_custer: you can tell from the movie True Lies
subspecies23: how?
missy_custer: the way they stick out lol
subspecies23: her breasts?
missy_custer: yeah
missy_custer: she used to be pretty flat
subspecies23: she's always been ugly, to me
missy_custer: yeah
subspecies23: some guys think she's hot, but most people I know say she's ugly
missy_custer: i think she's beautiful when she smiles
subspecies23: mainly she just annoys me
missy_custer: i mean big smile
subspecies23: I don't think she's that awful looking, but she annoys me, like all those stupid cell phone commercials and stuff she used to do
missy_custer: lol