Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Halloween

Friday, October 29, 2004


So last night was Halloween here in Purcell. I'm disappointed. I went out and spent $5 on candy, $5 dollars that I could barely afford to spend, and only had like 7 trick or treaters all night. I went to a lot of trouble too. I put on this really spooky music, by Midnight Syndicate, and lit a bunch of candles and incense, to create a spooky mood when I opened the door. All this trouble, and I hardly got a single kid. I didn't expect many, being at an apartment complex, but I expected more than that. It was a perfect night for Trick or Treating, even if it wasn't the real Halloween. The clouds that have been darkening the sky the last few days parted just long enough for there to be a large, red moon during the festivities. It was really cool.

Tomorrow night, me, Alicia, Chris, Candice, and maybe Dave are all going out to play pool. I don't really like pool, but they all want to play. I really suck at pool. My dad used to be a pool shark when he was in his teens. He was telling me the other day about how he and his friends used to go to the pool halls and he'd sometimes make up to $100 a night. And then was back in the 60's, when that was a lot of money. Especially for a 15 year old. I didn't inherit his skills, however. I can go a whole game without getting more than a ball or two in sometimes. And I've played it a lot. We used to even have a pool table at my house. Sometimes I'll get lucky, and make two or three shots in a row, but not often. What's weird, is I'm usually better at getting the complicated bank shots than I am at the simple straight line shots. I can try to hit a ball into the pocket that it's sitting like two inches in front of, and miss horribly, but then I can make incredibly lucky shots that involve banking it off a wall or two.

I'm not really looking forward to playing pool in a loud, smoky, smelly bar and pool hall, but I am looking forward to going out with my friends.