Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Halloween and Voting...

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Halloween and Voting...

A week or two ago, I posted a news story about how some towns in the bible belt are celebrating Halloween on Saturday, since it fell on a Sunday, and I mentioned about how they've been doing that here for years. Well, this year it's even worse. This year they are having it on Thrursday, today. All the other towns aroudn us are having it Saturday, but the little town I live in, is having it Thursday. They are doing this mostly because the biggest part of Halloween here is taking the little kids down to main street, where all the stores give out candy. But all the stores are closed, or close really early on Saturday and Sunday, so they are having it on a weekday. And the reason they didn't have it Friday is because that is the night of the big Purcell/Lexington rivalry football game.

This town sucks.

Another thing I'm really sick of is how violently republican Oklahoma is. Around here, if you're a democrat, you are hated and discriminated against. My little sister gets picked on at school for being a democrat, even by the teachers! The other day one of her teachers told her that "all democrats do is raise taxes and kill babies." Most of her teachers aren't that mean though, most of them just have this attitude of "You're still young, you don't understand politics and don't know any better. When you get older, hopefully you'll realize that democrats are bad."

Yesterday I was driving through Norman, and saw a house with a Kerry sign in their yard. They'd also put up a handmade sign next to it, probably to keep people from vandalising their house. It said stuff about "I am a proud American, I am a Christian, and I support our troops." It said more, but that's all I was able to read as I was driving by.

It's funny, all the campaign ads that are supposed to be against the democratic candidates just make me and my parents want to vote for them more. They all say things like "Brad Carson is a liberal. He voted for this and this, and wants to do this. He has voted again Bush's policies more times than even Hillary Clinton. So remember, a vote for Carson is a vote against Bush." And that's supposed to be getting people to NOT vote for him, but it makes me want to vote for him more.

I can't wait to vote. The future of our country really hangs in the balance with this one.