Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Don't read this if you're easily disgusted...

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Don't read this if you're easily disgusted...

I just had the grossest conversation with Chris. And no, none of the things I say in it are really true. Except for the part about having a hairy back. That's true. Gross, but true.

subspecies23: I should have a tv show, I'd be like Andy Rooney or some other news show guy, and I'd end every show with, "This has been Kevin Underwood, bringing you more information than you wanted to know."
paladix: that would rule, lmao
subspecies23: that would be great, lol
subspecies23: "don't you just hate it when you get big pimples all over your ass? I know I do. What's even worse is when you go to pop them, and it makes an audible popping noise, and sprays five feet onto the bathroom mirror."
subspecies23: and no one would ever watch again
paladix: omfg, i'm going to be sick
subspecies23: lmao
subspecies23: that's gross, lol
paladix: lol
subspecies23: I'd be good at that show, lol
subspecies23: then I'd take my shirt off and show everyone my back hair
subspecies23: then I could say "The other day I shaved my ass, and now my ass is covered with ingrown hairs. They're becoming quite swollen and puss filled. My ass looks like a pizza, and it hurts to sit down."
subspecies23: and across the nation, families would vomit in unison