Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Does anyone have any idea what I'm thinking of?

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Does anyone have any idea what I'm thinking of?

I was just sitting here, and had an idea I at first though was original, but then I realized that, no, I've seen it someone before. At first I couldn't remember if it was from a book, or movie, or cartoon, or comic book, or what. But now that I've thought of it for a while, I remember it was a cartoon. I can almost see it too, it's right on the tip of my brain, so to speak. Ok, the plot is this. Some villian in the cartoon, who is either microscopic in size, or is able to shrink that way, I don't remember which, starts destroying things, like buildings and landmarks, but the process would work on anything, even people probably. He does this by removing the "key atom," the foundation atom on which the whole structure is built. When this atom is removed, whatever the thing is just disintegrates, it falls apart into its component atoms. So, of course, the hero of the cartoon, who may have been a detective, I don't remember, has to shrink down to a microscopic size to chase him down and stop him. Oh, I just remembered another major portion of the cartoon. The bad guy's name is Quark, because he's, well... a quark, and the hero stops him buy chasing him onto a dictionary page, and points out to Quark, the dictionary definition of quark, which says that a quark is a hypothetical component of an atom, meaning that quarks may or may not even exist. At this, quark dissappears into nothingness because he's little more than an idea.

So does anybody know what cartoon this was from? I can see pretty much the entire cartoon in my head, I just can't remember what show it was or who the hero was. I doubt anyone who reads this blog will be able to help, though. Not any of the people that read this blog that I know, anyway.

I jsut got an IM from Alicia, asking if swole was a word. I knew it probably wasn't, but had no idea what she was talking about, until she said, "as in the past tense of swollen." So then I knew right away it wasn't but for some reason it took me a few minutes to remember what the correct form would be, which is "swelled."

OH! OH! Never mind, I'm pretty sure I remember what cartoon it was now! I re-read the post one last time before hitting publish, and suddenly remembered. I'm pretty sure it was Secret Squirrel. Not the old Secret Squirrel cartoons, but the newer ones, which I think were part of the Two Stupid Dogs show. I had forgotten about Two Stupid Dogs too.