Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Another Quiz Thing

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Another Quiz Thing

(x) I have kissed a member of the opposite sex
( ) I have kissed a member of the same sex
( ) I crashed a friend's car
( ) I have been to Japan
(x) I rode in a taxi
(x) I have been in love
(x) I've had sex
( ) I've had sex in public
( ) I've shoplifted
( ) I have been in a fist fight
( ) I've had a 3-some
( ) I've snuck out of my parent's house
( ) I have been arrested
( ) I've made out with a stranger
( ) I've gone on a blind date
( ) I've had a crush on a teacher
( ) I've celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
( ) I have been to Europe
(x) I've skipped school
( ) I have purposely set myself on fire
(x) I have eaten sushi
( ) I have been snowboarding
(x) I have been happy with myself
( ) I have met a movie star
( ) I've done ecstasy
( ) I've been caught smoking
( ) Partied every weekend for the last month.
( ) Slept for more than 15 hours at a time
( ) Been a redneck
(x) Gotten an detention
( ) Gotten an ISS (in school suspension)
( )Gotten an OSS (out of school suspension)
( ) Ever run away from home?
( ) Ever been stalked?
( ) Ever stalked anyone for real in RL (real life)?
( ) Ever had someone try to kill you / Ever fought for your life?
(x) Ever moved?
( ) Ever driven across the entire continent of Canada?
(x) Passed out? (came very close to it, when I got bit by a fiddleback spider)
( ) Gone to an mental institute?
( ) Had the police in your house?
(x) Ever been teachers pet.
( ) I've blackmailed someone.
( ) I'm a tomboy
( ) I used to be a tomboy.
( ) I use makeup.
(x) I swear.
(x) I can speak spanish. (Just a few words)
(x) I am well-read.
( )I can do hurdles without knocking down any of them down.
( ) I can run a 6 minute mile
(x) I like to sing in the shower. (I like to, but I don't because the neighbors could hear me)
( ) I have a WINDOWS computer.
( ) I am dependent, or so I presume.
( ) I've never had a C or lower before in school for a final grade. (I got a D in high school art. That's the only time, unless you count the F's I got when I dropped out of college.)
(x) I do or have done Neopets before. (Not Neopets, but I did have a Tamagotchi, and a Pocket Pikachu thing,)
( ) I am or have been vegetarian.
(x) I'm an anarchist, or plan on being one when I grow up. (I was for a brief time in college, until I realised that Anarchy has a basic flaw... Rest of the comment has been deleted, as it turned into a long rant.)
( ) I'm either Christian, Islam, or Jewish.
( ) I am attracted to those of my gender.
( ) I have been truly homeless before.
( ) I have movie-hopped for over 5 hours in a day before.
( ) Ever slightly wet yourself while laughing?
( ) Have you ever caused someone to be hospitalized?
(x) Sung the Spongebob theme acapello?
( ) Answered someone in a different language without realizing it?
( ) Cussed a teacher, or adult out in two different languages (other than English) at the same time?
(x) Driven a car four or more times illegally in a parking lot before taking your learner's test? (probably, I don't remember.)
(x) Suffered from three months of straight depression? (More like three years.)
( ) Been to a rock concert.
( ) Watched a "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" marathon.
( ) Had sex with a teacher.
(x) Watched porn.

Last person who:

x. slept in your bed: Besides me? Alicia, a couple of months ago when she came over and got too drunk to drive home. Wow, I can't believe that was almost two months ago.
x. saw you cry: I don't know.
x. you shared a bed with: Alicia. See the above answer.
x. you went to the mall with: My mom and sister.
x. yelled at you: I can't remember the last time I actually got yelled at. It's usually more like subtle bitching, usually from my Boss.
x. you hugged: Does it have to be a real hug, or does embracing during sex count? If you want an actual hug it was probably Genie, this girl I used to work with. This was probably at least a year ago.

have you ever said...

x. said "i love you" and meant it? yes
x. been to new york: Not New York City, but I've been to Buffalo, NY>
x. hawaii: no
x. mexico: no
x. danced naked: I don't dance.
x. had an imaginary friend: No.
x. worst feeling in the world: Being this fucking lonely.
x. what is the first thing you think when you wake up: "Goddammit. I don't want to go to work today." Or, "Thank God, I don't have to work today."
x. do you sleep with a stuffed animal: Does your mom count? No, no I don't.
x. favorite sport to watch: I hate sports. Wait, is group sex a sport?
x. piercing/tattoos: None. I'd like a tattoo, but I'm too poor, and can't decide what to get anyway.

extra stuff

x. do you do drugs: No.
x. who is your best friend: I can't really pick a best ONE anymore, I have three best friends: Chris, Melissa, and Alicia, in no particular order.
x. what are you most scared of: Real ghosts, and the thought of being abducted by aliens, but it only scares me if they're bad ghosts or aliens.
x. what clothes do you sleep in: I usually sleep naked.
x. been in love: yes
x. what type automobile do you drive: 1998 Buick LeSabre. What's really sad, is that I had to go look.
x. do you have a job: yes
x. do you like being around people: Very few of them.
x. have you ever cried over something someone of the opposite sex did: God, yes.
x. do you have a "type" of person you always go after: Not really.
x. are you lonely right now: Yes.
x. ever afraid you'll never get married: yes
x. do you want to get married: yes
x. do you want kids: Yes.


x. room in house: I don't know, I like the whole apartment, but, even if you don't count sleeping time, I spend the most time in my bedroom, because that's where my computer is.
x. type(s) of music: Many different kinds.
x. color: I've never really had a favorite color. It was black for a while, but I don't really have one now. I like different things to be different colors. I like walls in a house to be white, but I don't wear much white clothing. I like black and silver and grays for cars, but I also like yellow on certain models of cars.
x. month: December. It contains both my birthday and Christmas. I love Christmas.
x. stone: Kidney. I don't know, what a stupid question.

in the last 48 hours have you...

x. cried: Yes.
x. bought something: Yes.
x. gotten sick: I felt a little nauseated last night after having a couple of drinks.
x. sang: Yes, but I only sing when I'm alone, or in my car, and even then it's usually quietly and to myself.
x. met someone new: No.
x. talked to someone: Yes.
x. missed someone: Yes.
x. hugged someone: No.
x. kissed someone: No.