Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: More About Me

Saturday, September 11, 2004

More About Me

Yes, it's another one of these things. And once again it came from Alicia's site.

[First job]: Mowing lawns when I was 13.
[First screen name]: KUnderw674 on AOL. I got it around 12 years ago, and was still using it until a few months ago
[First funeral]: My grandma on my mother's side. I think I was 13.
[First pet]: Well, my parents had a dog they'd had since before I was born, but the first pet that was MINE was my hamster Rita. She lived a long time too, over four years.
[First piercing]: None.
[First tattoo]: None.
[First kiss]: Well, the first time someone kissed me was a friend named Melissa, one of the about 10 Melissas I've known, who kissed me on the cheek because I gave her a birthday present. I was 17 or 18. The first time I kissed someone was Kristina when I was 22.
[First enemy]: I don't remember. One of the dozens of kids that always beat me up in School. Probably either Randy or Allen.
[First favorite musician]: I don't remember. Probably the Beatles. About the only thing I had ever heard until I was around 11 or 12 was the oldies music that my parents listened to, and I loved it. I still do.

[Last car ride]: Ride? Do you mean just as a passenger? If so it was probably about a month ago, going shopping with my mom and my sister.
[Last kiss]: Someone. About a month ago.
[Last movie watched]: Red vs. Blue Season one DVD, if you want to call that a movie.
[Last beverage drank]: Bawls.
[Last food consumed]: A frozen Burrito. No, it wasn't frozen when I consumed it.
[Last phone call]: Phone? Bah. Probably Chris a few weeks ago. Well, the last wanted phone call. I receive several telemarketing calls a day.
[Last time showered]: Yesterday, and yes, I will be taking one today, I just haven't yet.
[Last CD played]: The one I burned that I was talking about yesterday.
[Last website visited]: This site.
[Lesson learned]: Do not eat the cans of beef stew from the Dollar Store.

[Single or Taken]: Single.
[Sex]: Male. Why is that under "Now"? It's not like it changes. At least not with most people.
[Birthday]: December 19th. None of the stuff in this section changes much.
[Sign]: Saggitarius.
[Siblings]: Little sister, Marci
[Hair color]: Red.
[Eye color]: Brown.
[Shoe size]: 13 or 14, depending on brand and style.
[Height]: Six Foot
[Mood]: Bored, like always.
[City you're in]: Purcell.

Right now what are you...
[Supposed to be doing instead of this]: Nothing
[Wearing]: Underwear
[Drinking]: Nothing
[Thinking about]: This answer.
[Listening to]: iTunes is set on Random, right now it's playing "I'm Not Afraid of Life," by the Ramones.
[About to do]: Be even more bored.