Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Upon Dying

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Upon Dying

I was going through my copious amounts of personal text files today, mostly made up of incomplete stories and semi-coherent mad ramblings, and found this, one of many "diamonds in the rough." It, like all my best works, is uncompleted. In fact, this is basically just some brainstorming I was doing, something that just suddenly came to me at work one night, at least a year ago. It's the middle portion of the poem, there's no beginning or ending yet, and the last line is just a line that I intended to work into the poem somewhere, but it seems to do a good job as a makeshift ending for the poem, so much so, that it may actually become the real ending. All I need now is a beginning. But anyway, here it is. I like it, a lot.

Upon Dying

And now that I stand with a foot in each realm,
The scales have fallen from my eyes,
And I see all the splendors that life has to give.
The flaming chariots of the gods encircle the heavens,
And the earth is bathed in light.

No! I will not die as I have lived!
I will not quake and tremble,
I shall not bow to the heavy loads of fear and anxiety!
I shall go out screaming!
I shall claim what's mine!

Upon dying, I found that I had been dead all along.