Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: New Story

Thursday, August 12, 2004

New Story

This is something I just wrote. Only took me between five and ten minutes, from time I decided to sit down and write, without even knowing what about, until the time I finished.

Yes, well do I remember the old days. The days before men set foot on this planet, to rape and destroy, and defile all that we hold sacred. They say our gods are nothing but myth. Nothing but allegories; personifications of the forces of nature, and of psychological archetypes. Their ignorance truly appalls us all. Maybe this is true of their gods, and if so, I pity them. I pity them, because it is thus not their fault that they are so profane, and despicable in all their ways. If they had gods like ours they would not be like this. Their gods, like all true gods should, would have kept them on the true path, not out of benevolence, but out of fear.

Yes I pity them, for it is not their fault. This, however, does not excuse their behavior. They are truly god-forsaken, in the most literal meaning of the word, and as such, are an abomination. A blight on the entire universe, a boil which must be lanced. A disease, which must be eradicated.

Their ancient gods were fake, and so, they believe, must ours be. On this night however, they shall learn just how real our gods are. Our gods will do what their gods should have done.

None of them shall survive this night.