Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: More Referrals

Friday, August 27, 2004

More Referrals

I've received lots of weird referrals the last few days, like usual. People search for the weirdest things, here are some of my favorites.

"It ain't going to lick itself."
"Japanese Sucking Circle"
"Bonsai Tree Tattoos"
"I like the part when he stops."
"Sugar withdrawls."
"Sinner, radio, MP3, 'A nude'."
"Toyota Lucida exploded image."
"My hamster overate, feels cold." I hate to break it to you, but it sounds like what you've got there is a dead hamster.
And I'm getting at least one hit a day for the much dreaded "Knights of the Old Republic Nude Mod."
"Mother gives blowjob to son as a reward." You fucking sicko.
"Jerry Falwell, Lewis Black." They're probably looking for this quote, which is one of my favorites, by Lewis Black, the comedian. "People snapped after 9/11. And the leader of the snap was Jerry Falwell. Now, Jerry Falwell was crazy before 9/11, and if you did not know that, I'd like you to wear aluminum foil, SO WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" And yes, I did that from memory.
And here's the longest search string I've ever seen. "Can you buy the egytpian god cards in yu-gi-oh from some stores in vancouver?"
"Aaliyah died three years ago."
And finally, "surgery video of a histerectomy."

Oh, and by the way. I finally got lesson one up over at So You Want to Learn Japanese?

Here's a quiz I just took:

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Don Imus
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