Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: More of my Writings

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

More of my Writings

Yes, here is another excerpt from my writings. This typifies the majority of the things I've written in the last few years. It seems this is all I can write anymore. This was written at work, for Alicia, when we used to just stand around writing weird stories for each other. This was written a year or two ago:

"No Puppy!" I says. "Nooooooo!" But it was too late, the puppy had already eaten the explosives. The puppy exploded then. He was a hero, by eating the bomb he had sacrificed himself, but had saved everyone else.

"Nooooo!" Shouted Saddam Hussein. "That stupid puppy! He has ruined my plans to destroy the Twinkie(tm) factory! Without Twinkies(tm), millions of people would have went into sugar withdrawls, and I could have taken over America. And then, the world!" But while he was yelling, 500 heavily armed soldiers snuck up behind him, and then they all shot him.

The world was saved, thanks to Pooky, the Fluffy Puppy!