Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: More Hospital News

Sunday, August 22, 2004

More Hospital News

I just got back from visiting my mom at the hospital. The doctors have finally figured out what's wrong with her this time. It's a severe bladder infection, and she waited so long before going to the doctor that the infection has spread to her blood. So they're saying now she'll probably be in there for some time. Which really sucks, because this time she's in the hospital here in Purcell, and our insurance doesn't cover this hospital at all. This thing could break my parents. Today my sister was saying that she needed to go to the store to buy some more hair conditioner, and my dad said "You'll just have to go without conditioner for a while, we can't afford to buy it right now. They're a single income family, and my dad barely makes over $30,000 a year anyway. If he made just a tiny bit less a year, they could get on welfare. But they'd never do that anyway, my parents hate anyone who uses welfare and other forms of governmental aid.