Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: I bet you hate these.

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I bet you hate these.

Time for one of my favorite things. A post about what searches have led to my site in the last few days. Lots of interesting ones this week. Not just weird like usual, but interesting too.

First off is, "Daily Vumpler." Now that's a newspaper I would read. I get a lot of people searching for "Vumpler." I love that word. Me and my sister will just sometimes say "Vumpler," and crack up. Vumpler of course comes from this hilarious cartoon: ABCs for the Kids.

I agree with this search, "I hate Betty Boop."

"John Titor Hinduism." That sounds pretty interesting, I may have to run that search later, and check out the results. I posted about John Titor some time ago.

Next up is "Nipplefight." I get that one alot. That refers to some article I posted from some other site a while back. I don't feel like looking it up.

I agree with this one also, "I hate Aaliyah." That search turns up lots of results, and my site is way down the list.

I've gotten this one several times also. "Knights of the Old Republic Nude Mod." People are so weird. There's rumors of mods to make the characters nude on every other game anymore. And they all turn out to be just rumors. I think this all started with Tomb Raider, I know that's the first time I started hearing about it. But who knows, there may have been freaks out there claiming they new a code to make Mario nude in Super Mario Brothers.

"Things that were edited out of Ren and Stimpy." Another one I may have to check out later.

"Cottonwood in the air conditioner." A very common problem around here.

Lots of stuff about Japan too, which I post about often. Well, I take it by spells, I have recently. "Japanese Smileys," "Ancient Japanese Swordsmen," and "Japanese Profanity." Whoever searched for that last one, you may be interested in a copy of my homemade Japanese Dictionary, it's full of interesting Japanese words, including profanity and sexual terms. You may also want to pick up a copy of this book, Zakennayo!: The Real Japanese You Were Never Taught in School, which I have a copy of myself.

I don't know what to think about this one. "Purcell Oklahoma Nude." And my site is the top two results for that search.

"Master Nan Diet." I've never heard of this, but some of the sites look interesting.

"Jachin Boaz." Something else I've posted about several times. They are the two pillars of Solomon's Temple, and are also an important part of Freemasonry.

"Louisville, KY sex diary." I have no idea.

"seemerot hoax." I always knew that was a hoax. According to many web sites, it is. Refers to this site, which I linked to a while back. Warning, there are now banners to adult sites on this site, which further confirms that it's probably a hoax.

Another search I get fairly often, "Water Gurgling in Toilet."

And I of course still get the usual searches. Probably half the searches leading to my site are still searches for the lyrics of the "eBay" song by Chumbawamba. I also get a lot of people searching for the lyrics to that "Lake of Fire" song by Nirvana. Which I've also recently learned was originally by The Meat Puppets, but no one liked it until Nirvana did it.

Speaking of The Meat Puppets.
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