Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: Mom Update

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Mom Update

My dad just got back from the hospital, and picked my sister up. I asked him how mom was, and she said that she's passed a little fluid, but just a tiny bit, like a couple of ounces or something. The doctor says her kidneys are all swollen up like she's been in a car wreck or something and injured them. He asked her all these questions about whether she'd been doing any abnormal activities that she's not used to or anything, but she hasn't really. The only thing she's been doing is she did a little work moving furniture and stuff since they're remodeling the house some, but she's always done stuff like that, so it shouldn't have hurt her, especially not like that or anything.

Well, that's really all the news I have about it, my dad was only here a minute or two. I'm going to go over to my parent's house later and maybe I'll learn some more then. Probably not though, he said there wasn't really anything to tell other than that. They never did hook her up to the dialysis machines though, for some reason.