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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


Well, I'm finally writing a real post, but it's no reason to rejoice.

My mom was just taken to the hospital, they've got her listed as very critical condition. Complete kidney failure. The real name for it was Acute Retinal Failure, or something like that, I don't know if that's spelled right. We knew something was wrong, because she hadn't peed in a little over 48 hours. What's more, she said that it wasn't just that she couldn't pee, but that she didn't even need to. On top of that, she said she was feeling dizzy today too. I was telling her all afternoon it sounded like she needed to go to the doctor right now. She kept saying she couldn't though, because we're having some remodeling done to the house, and the guy was supposed to be there any minute, and she couldn't go until he got there and left. I said I'd stay there and wait for him, but she still didn't want to. She couldn't just call him and tell him not to come either, because he was already on his way. He had been for several hours. He called at 2:00 saying he was just leaving and was on his way from Norman, which should have only been about a 20 minute drive. He finally got there at 4:45. She was gone by then though, but not by long. She finally called the doctor around 3:00 to see if they could get her an appointment today, but they said no, for something like that she'd have to go to the emergency room. She told them, something along the lines of, "Well, I guess I just won't go to the doctor then, because I'm not going to the emergency room," and hung up. She didn't want to go to the emergency room, because it's so expensive, and all the hospitals that our insurance covers are over an hour's drive away, up in OKC. Finally, when my dad got home from work around 4:00, he convinced her to let him take her to the hospital. They went to the one here in Purcell, but said that if they had to put her in the hospital, they'd leave, and take her up to the city. So I had to stay at my parent's house with my sister. My dad finally came home about 7:30, and said that my mom was in an ambulance on the way to Baptist hospital, which is way the fuck up there, almost in Edmond, at least a 90 minute drive away from here. He told me what they said was wrong with her, and that she was in very critical condition, and that they were going to have to put her on Dialysis machines and everything. He also pointed out that with how hush-hush make it seem better than it really is the hospitals around here are anymore, that for them to actually come out and say that she was in very critical condition and was in some pretty deep trouble, that that's a sign that she really might not make it.

So my dad had me call work, and take the next week off, so I can stay home and watch my sister while he's at the hospital and at work and stuff. Luckily he's going to pay me $200, which is approximately what I make in a week at work, since I'm taking a week off. We still haven't worked out exactly what the plan is going to be though, since he works such weird hours. He leaves around 4:00am, and gets home a little after 4:00pm. Tomorrow, he's off, but he'll be up at the hospital for a while, so he's going to drop Marci off here, and she'll spend the day here at my apartment. Then she'll probably go home and spend the night at home, but then when he leaves for work, I'll come over and sleep on the couch or something. We're still not sure yet what will happen. Who knows, she may end up not being as bad as they think, and I might not even have to watch Marci for more than a few days. But it's doubtful. They says she's so bad, but she doesn't really feel bad, other than being bloated up and a little dizzy. She feels good enough that she called us a couple of times after they got her up to the hospital. Oh, I forgot to mention a couple of things. She also gained 15 pounds basically over night, since all the fluids she's taking in are just staying in her system. Also, she takes a lot of pills everyday, for various other health problems, she's got four different medications she takes at least once a day, some of them more than once. But since her kidneys aren't working and filtering things out of her system, all the pills she's taken in the last two or three days are still in her system, so not have her kidneys failed, she's also on the verge of overdose on some of these medications. My dad and my sister both said that they've been telling her something might be wrong with her for a while now, because the last two or three months her urine has smelled so bad you couldn't even go in the bathroom after her.

So, that's all I have to say about that, as Forrest Gump would say. Now for news about me. I was just in the doctor's office yesterday, finally getting my ingrown toenails cut out again. I don't even know if I've mentioned it, I've been neglecting my blog so much lately, but about two months ago my left big toe nail started getting really bad again. I had both big toe nails cut out maybe a year ago, but they just grew back ingrown again. For some reason both times the right toe wasn't that bad, but the left toe would just get horribly infected. About three weeks ago it started getting that way again. It got so bad I actually missed some work, and when I went to the doctor he sad he didn't know for sure if it would need cut out, but that even if it did, they couldn't do it just then, because it was so infected that if they cut into it, I'd get blood poisoning for sure. So he gave me a subscription for some antibiotics, and told me that if it still looked bad afterwards to call and make an appointment to have it cut out. So I took them, and it helped a little, but not much. I kept trying to make an appointment, but never could seem to, because I was waiting for a good time to do it, as far as work went. Because after having them cut out, I have to take a couple of days off from work, and not be on my feet any more than I have too. But Allen kept making the schedule early, before I got the chance to make the appointment, so I'd be like, "Well, I just call next Monday then." In the meantime my toe started getting even worse. My parents almost made me go to the emergency room for it Saturday night, but then they had me soak it, and it got a little better, so they said maybe it could wait until Monday. I called Monday morning and they were able to work me in, since I was off that day too. So I had already taken Tuesday and Wednesday off too, because of my toe, but now because of this thing with my mom, I took this whole schedule week off. The week at Carl's Jr. is Thursday through Wednesday.

Well, a lot of other stuff has happened over the last few weeks since I wrote a real post, but, naturally, I don't really feel like writing about it right now.