Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More Referral news.

Someone got to my site by searching for "Adolph Hitler Coprophilia." Coprophilia is the scientific name for shit eating, a term I don't recall ever using on my blog. I don't know what's worse, that someone got to my site by searching for this phrase, or just that someone was searching for this phrase at all.

I can't believe the number of people searching for the lyrics to "On eBay," by Chumbawamba. Out of the last 100 people to come to my site, 43 of them got there by searching for various phrases involving the words "from Babylon back to Babylon," "buy on eBay," "Chumbawamba," and "stuff inside your houses." Actually, it was only about 40 people searching for that song, two or three then were searching for the lyrics to another new Chumbawamba song, "Everything you know is wrong." What's kind of strange is that I posted the entire lyrics to "Everything you know is Wrong," but only mentioned one line from "On eBay," as a brief quote. After this post, I'll probably be getting even more people arriving from Chumbawamba searches. Maybe tomorrow I'll post the complete lyrics to "On eBay." If I have the time. I'm probably going up to OKC tomorrow. The other day I found a new store in Crossroads Mall that deals almost completely with cards. Baseball cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, stuff like that. Every collectors card product you can think of. I've never even heard of half of them. Like the "Survivor" collectible card game. Anyway, I was there and noticed that they had the five card Exodia set from Yu-Gi-Oh priced at $149. I may sell them mine. I also have some other Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are probably worth $20 or $30 each. I also have some cards I've been meaning to see if were worth anything for years now. They're either really rare, or not worth anything, because I never see them at stores like this. It's the old Marvel Comics Trading Cards from the early 90's, like 1992 and 1993. I've got a whole bunch of them, including a mint condition holographic Thor card. That may be worth some money. I hope so. Then I will actually be able to afford getting a tattoo, if I can ever decide what I want. That's why I still haven't gotten a tattoo like me and Chris were going to do, I can't decide what I want, and I can't afford it. Kim at work got a butterfly tattooed on the back of her neck a few days ago, it's only about an inch across, and it still cost $70. Tattoos are expensive.

I can also use the money for stuff for my new pet, but more on that in my next post. I wasn't even planning on writing a post tonight, I just came in here to check my email, and got distracted. I was wanting to do some reading before bed, but now it's too late.