Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.: June 2004

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

I finally got to see Fahrenheit 9/11 today. It was an hour drive to get to the theater where it was showing, but I went anyway. And I'm glad I did. It was a great movie. Really great. If it wasn't so far away, I'd go see it again. I'm no good at writing movie reviews, and even if I was, I wouldn't know where to start with a movie like this. I'll agree with what I've read in other reviews, one minute you'll be crying, the next you'll be laughing. It was a very funny movie, but half the funniness is a bad funniness, you're laughing because you can't believe Bush just said something that horrible and incriminating. There's this one part, it's showing a clip from some interview and Bush is saying, "I'm a War President. When I sit down to do my work and make my decisions, I do it all with war on my mind."

There are a few grisly parts, like shots of a pickup truck full of dead Iraqi civilians, and a little Iraqi kid with part of his arm blown up, and this U.S. soldier's body burning in the street, and then the Iraqis are kicking it and beating it with things, and then hanging it and several other burnt bodies from a pole at the town entrance. Those are the only really graphic parts in the whole two hour plus movie. Much to his credit, Moore stays away from cheap shots like that, he stays away from simple-minded "shock the viewers" tactics.

I'm off again tomorrow! I'm glad, even though it means I have to work five days in a row before my next day off. I'm glad because since I spent half the day making the trip and watching the movie, I didn't get to do any of the stuff I had planned on doing today. For one, I need to clean Freyja's cage. Then I have a lot of blogging to do. As you probably noticed, I've been busy with my blog the last few days, after neglecting it for a while. First I changed my template, and then I've made a lot of posts in the last few days. I've got lots of more I want to make too, mostly links and stuff. It's been a while since I visited any of the sites on my links list, but the last few days I've gone to them, and there's lots of cool links built up on them since the last time I visited. I've found lots of good sites through them too, I've added probably 20 sites to my favorites in the last three days, and I added several new sites to my links list down there, you should check them out.

Well, it's getting late. Late for me anyway. Since I started working mornings I usually go to bed around 10:30. So I'm going to go to bed pretty soon.

Hmmm, one last thing before I go. I'm talking to Melissa in an IM, and she just said, "Holy Pissflaps, BatFag!" That's very strange, but very funny.

"People snapped after September 11th,
and the leader of the snap was Jerry Falwell.
Jerry Falwell was crazy before, and if you did
not know that, I'd like you to wear aluminum foil
so we KNOW WHO YOU ARE!" -- Lewis Black

Strange News

There's lots of interesting news stories tonight:

95-Year-Old Kansas Woman Helps Thwart Theft

Woman Reportedly Puts Ice in Maid's Bra This is really fucked up.

Woman Claims She Found Toad in Salad

Man Nabbed at Bank Wearing Stocking Mask A stupid criminal story.

Muslim Hip-Hop Gaining in Popularity

Study: Sex Abuse Prevalent in Schools

Study: Sex Abuse Prevalent in Schools

WASHINGTON - More than 4.5 million children are forced to endure sexual misconduct by school employees, from inappropriate comments to physical abuse, according to an exhaustive review of research that reads like a parent's worst nightmare.

The best estimate is that almost one in 10 children, sometime between kindergarten and 12th grade, are targets of behavior ranging from unprofessional to criminal, says the report for Congress by Charol Shakeshaft, a professor at Hofstra University's School of Education.

And this is just the abuse done by teachers, they didn't even look into the sexual abuse done by other students.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

They go to a lake of fire and fry...

I heard a song on the radio yesterday, I don't know anything about it, I don't know what it's called, who sings it, or even if it's a new song, or twenty years old. I've never heard it before, I know that, but at the same time, the lyrics seem vaguely familiar. Anyway, I'm asking you people for help. The only verse I can really remember is the chorus, if any of you know anything about the song, please tell me. I've had it stuck in my head ever since I heard it. And I really liked it, if I can find it I will probably download it. Here's the verse I remember:

Where do bad people go when they die
They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
They go to a lake of fire and fry
Won't see them again till the 4th of July


I decided to get off my lazy ass (figuratively), and search for the lyrics myself. Turns out it's a Nirvana song, called Lake of Fire. I've never heard of it before. Here's the complete lyrics:

Where do bad folks go when they die?
They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
They go to the lake of fire and fry
Won't see them again 'till the fourth of July

I knew a lady who came from Duluth
She got bit by a dog with a rabid tooth
She went to her grave just a little too soon
And she flew away howling on the yellow moon

Where do bad folks go when they die?
They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
They go down to the lake of fire and fry
Won't see them again 'till the fourth of July

Now the people cry and the people moan
And they look for a dry place to call their home
And try to find some place to rest their bones
While the angels and the devils try to make them their own

Where do bad folks go when they die?
They don't go to heaven where the angels fly
They go down to the lake of fire and fry
Won't see them again 'till the fourth of July

And, yes, iTunes has it, and I am currently downloading it.

Sir Robin's Song

Sir Robin's Song

Rowling Announces Title of Potter Book

Rowling Announces Title of Potter Book - EarthLink - General News

Monday, June 28, 2004


Image taken from Honzo

How to Pick Locks

Guide to Lock Picking

May Day Mystery: Historical Madness

May Day Mystery:Historical Madness

Fuck, I can tell I'm going to be spending a lot of time on this site, and trying to figure the stuff out.

A site dedicated to the unraveling of a rather interesting mystery centered around cryptic posts each May 1st in the University of Arizona Wildcat.

The author's conclusions so far:

Someone is doing their historical homework: There is a wealth of obscure historical infomation here. Ranging from references to historical figures, religious and otherwise, to items and occurrences, there is a historical relevance to solving the Game.

Someone is doing their mathematical homework: Once again, more strange symbols and whatnot. Ranging from physics to chemistry to binary encodings, the clues come in every shape and form. The Game's author seems to have a fascination with informational encoding systems and the like...

Someone has extra money to burn on this puzzle: Full page ads in the Arizona Daily Wildcat aren't cheap, and the pages have been running for over 10 years. This leads me to believe they (the author(s))are older in age, or an established professional.

The game's author is familiar with the Tucson area, and the University of Arizona campus: Like I said, it's a semi-local game, but you can't tell that until you really get into the clues.

There seems to be a reward, or an endpoint: There are references to a safe deposit box located in a bank in the downtown Tucson area. See this page for an example. I'm not promising anything, as I have not yet unraveled the mystery. It could be a red herring, in which case I'll kick the author in the (censored) when I meet them.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

New Layout

As you can see, I got a new layout. I've spent most of the day deciding which layout to use. The new Blogger has lots of new features, but I had to switch to one of their new layouts to make use of them. They actually have a lot of layouts that I like now. Unfortunately, all of them have too narrow of column widths for my taste, which makes my posts two or three times the already considerable length they normally were. In the end I settled on this one. It's not my favorite in the visual area, but in functionality and column width, it's one of the overall best. So anyway, here it is. Like it or leave it. I'm afraid that I may get bored with it soon, and have to switch again. I hope not, because it takes at least an hour to customize it with all the links and buttons and stuff.

Woodrow Wilson

"My dream is that as the years go by and the world knows more and more of America, it will turn to America for those inspirations which lie at the base of all freedom; that the world will never fear America unless she feels that it is engaged in some enterprise which is inconsistent with the rights of humanity; and that America will come into the full light of the day when all will know that she puts human rights above all other rights and that her flag is the flag not only of America but of humanity." -- Woodrow Wilson

Poor Woody must be spinning in his grave.

On this day I am proud, for my site shows up ninth on the list when you search Google for "fat dachshund." I must find ways to get it higher on that list. My site is also number one on the list when you search for "'Fuck Reagan' Cafepress." If you just search for "Fuck Reagan," you get a very large number of results.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

This is pretty fucking low, even for Bush. If he keeps stuff like this up, he's gonna risk alienating even some of his republican supporters. I certainly hope he does.

Hitler Image Used in Bush Campaign Web Ad

WASHINGTON - Adolf Hitler's image has surfaced again in the White House race. President Bush's campaign is featuring online video of the Nazi dictator... in a spot that intersperses clips of speeches by Democrats John Kerry, Al Gore and Howard Dean.

My horoscope sounds very dirty today. Though Melissa says it's actually talking about my rat. I can see that too. But I think I like the vulgar version better. "You can please others while you're pleasing yourself. It feels natural and delightful."

You can please others while you're pleasing yourself. It feels natural and delightful. Discoveries like these always come when you're busy with something else. Watch it out of the corner of your eye and sneak up without scaring it away. If you're trying to get acquainted with someone new, casually draw him or her into a conversation instead of leaping out with all colors flying. Something that you already put off for too long will open unexpected doors once you finally get started.

Friday, June 25, 2004

The Facts about Dick Cheney and Halliburton

* Vice President Dick Cheney was Halliburton's CEO from 1995-2000. In addition to providing him with a massive salary and bonus for just eight months of work in 2000, Halliburton's board of directors voted to give Cheney a $20 million retirement package when he resigned. Following his departure from Halliburton, Cheney retained possession of 433,333 options of Halliburton stock. [Washington Post, 9/26/03; Richard B. Cheney Personal Financial Disclosure, May 15, 2002; May 15, 2003; New York Times, 8/12/00; LA Times, 7/24/00; AP, 7/18/02]
* For months, Cheney denied any involvement in Halliburton contracts. On "Meet the Press," he even said "...I have absolutely no influence of, involvement of, knowledge of in any way, shape or form of contracts..." [NBC News, "Meet the Press", 9/14/03]
* Time Magazine recently reported on a smoking gun email between the Department of Defense and the Vice President's office showing that Cheney's office "coordinated" a multi-billion dollar, no-bid government contract for Halliburton, his former employer. [Time, 5/30/04]
* As an example of overspending, Halliburton billed the government for 36 percent more meals than were served. In all, Halliburton charged $186 million for meals that were never delivered. [Detroit Free Press, 6/16/04]
* A Halliburton subsidiary was criticized for abandoning numerous $85,000 trucks with flat tires, housing company officials in a five-star Kuwaiti hotel, raising prices for gasoline deliveries in Iraq and ordering empty trucks to crisscross the country to run up the gas bills. [Detroit Free Press, 6/16/04]

SCREAM!!!! now has a Penny Arcade store! It's sheer torture, because I'm poor and major bills are coming up, so I can't spend any money there! I could very easily buy EVERY FUCKING ITEM in the Penny Arcade store! And half of all the other products offered on!

So anyway, I've been meaning to post for a couple of days now, but never have gotten around to it. And now, since several days have passed since most of the things I was going to write about happened, it just seems like they are no longer relevant, and I'm not going to bother writing about them. Don't worry, it was nothing important, it was mostly going to be a long bitch about my next door neighbors and how they play that polka-sounding Spanish music, and Spanish soap operas at a volume so loud that if I spoke Spanish, I would be able to follow the shows, because I can hear the speech perfectly. I don't complain to the manager though, because sometimes my music gets loud, and I am an extremely loud talker, in the rare occasions that I have people over, so I'm hoping that if I don't complain about them, they won't complain about me. A live and let live situation. It's not that bad really, they usually only do it about once a week for some reason.

I have my rat, Freyja's, cage sitting here next to my desk right now, trying to get her used to my company. She still doesn't like me much. She's pretty anti-social for a rat. Rats are normally extremely social animals, who love human company. She seems scared of me. Here's some cool sites I found about rats as pets, and various resources for people who have rats as pets:

Rat & Mouse Club of America

Martin's Cages Inc. Good for all your cage needs, no matter what your pet.

I went over to Daniel's house a couple of nights ago. It wasn't the usual Halo party like usual. We did play some, but that wasn't the whole reason for the gathering. There weren't many people there either, I got there about 5:00pm, and it was just me and Daniel, Phillip got there around 6:00, and we played for a while then. Daniel had me bring my Bokken, a wooden training katana, because he had one too, and Phillip was wanting to see us fight each other or something like that. I was happy to oblige, and so after Phillip got there we went out to the front yard. The fight lasted less than a second, and was over without a blow being struck, or even any sword to sword contact. I was the victor. Me and Daniel faced off, and then when he said go, I lunged, covering the distance between us in one quick movement, while simultaneously sweeping my sword back and around one-handed, bringing it down and stopping it about a couple of feet from his head/neck area, and I just stopped in that position, while he jumped back and freaked out, saying "I give up, you win! Shit! I'm not fighting him, he knows moves!" What's really funny is that I don't actually know any real moves, that was just something natural. I've never really practiced with my sword or anything much, I just did that without hardly even thinking, a result from watching so much anime and samurai and kung fu movies. Phillip didn't want to try fighting me either. It was really fun. I just wish I hadn't ended it so fast, I was looking forward to an actual sword fight of sorts. I then demonstrated for them how, even though it's a wooden training sword, it can cut down plants of a fair size when used right.

Anyway, then Shawn showed up around 8:00, and we got to the main reason for the gathering. Daniel was making Shawn watch Pulp Fiction because he'd never seen it before, and Daniel thinks it's one of the best movies ever made, next to Spiderman. It was the first time I'd seen it all the way through too. I'd seen it in bits and pieces here and there over the years, so that I'd seen pretty much all of it, except for the first 15-20 minutes. It was a good movie. It had some boring parts, but for the most part it was really good. By the time the movie went off it was after 10:30, and since we all had to work the next morning, we went home.

I have to work again tomorrow, ugh. I'm off Sunday though. I'm glad.

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he or she sends a tiny ripple of hope. Crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, these simple ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." -- Robert Kennedy

God dammit, I should've known they wouldn't show it in this Bush loving state. I was going to go see the new Michael Moore film, Fahrenheit 9/11, which came out today, but nowhere is showing it here. This state is extremely republican, I actually expected that they probably wouldn't be showing the movie, or that if it was showing there'd be people at the theater protesting or something. There's only a few theaters in the entire state showing it, and the closest one to me is like 40-50 miles away.

I'll probably have more on this later, but right now I really have to go.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Yahoo! News - Judge Suspected of Masturbating in Court

Fucking weirdo. And it's here in Oklahoma too. It's also really funny, in a sick, sad way.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Smashing -

This really fun game just sucked up an hour of my night. It's like Breakout.

" teaches you how to do all the things nobody taught you in school. Read our SYWs for full-length explanations, or our Mini-Wannas for quick info."

Motorist Pulls Over Deputy in Tennessee

McMINNVILLE, Tenn. - A motorist's decision to stop a deputy for speeding escalated into a series of incidents than ended with his entire family joining him in jail. ...

Hospital Cafeteria a Hot Spot for Dining:

DEFIANCE, Ohio - Forget any of the old jokes about hospital food.

The cafeteria at the Defiance Regional Medical Center is one of the most popular places to brunch on Sundays.

A growing group of residents have taken to eating at the cafeteria for very simple reasons - they like the food and it's cheap. ...

This saddens me a little. Not that I wanted to go Lollapalooza or anything, but it's sort of the heir of Woodstock, and the fact that no one wants to go to it anymore saddens me.

Lollapalooza Canceled Due to Poor Sales

NEW YORK - The Lollapalooza music festival tour has been canceled because of poor ticket sales, according to its Web site.

The tour, featuring Morrissey, Sonic Youth and The Flaming Lips, had been set to begin July 14 in Auburn, Wash., and continue through August, including stops in Toronto, New York, Atlanta and Dallas.

Tour organizers and concert promoters "faced with several million dollars of losses, made the very tough decision to pull the tour," the Web site said Tuesday.

The Web site said there had been "poor ticket sales across the board." ...

U.S. Amends Report to Show Rise in Terror

WASHINGTON - Correcting an inaccurate report, the State Department announced Tuesday that acts of terror worldwide increased slightly last year and the number of people wounded rose dramatically.

The department also reported a decline in the number of people killed - to 625 from 725 during 2002. But in April, the department reported 307 people had been killed last year - a much bigger decline.

The findings had been used by senior Bush administration officials to bolster President Bush's claim of success in countering terrorism.

Responding to the corrected version, Phil Singer, spokesman for Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign, said it was "just the latest example of an administation playing fast and loose with the truth when it comes to the war on terror." The administration "has now been caught trying to inflate its success on terrorism," he said. ...

Saturday, June 19, 2004

The HisTory of Michael Jackson's face

I found this to be very funny. From Blogging Like I've Never Blogged Before.

"Mayor Bloomie is trying to toughen the city's noise code in an effort to improve the quality of life around the city.

I am all for this. The problem is that these kinds of things may be tough to enforce. You might have to give the public some rules that they can follow and actually help enforce these laws. So I have some suggestions to help out this fine city.

I think that whenever you see and hear a cab driver (or any driver for that matter) honk their horn as soon as the light turns green, you may punch them square in the face.

That's really all I've got right now. I'll think of more. Oh. All dogs that bark after 10 PM will be confiscated and replaced with goldfish. And the signs that say 'No Honking. $xxx Fine.' They should be replaced with signs that say, 'Please shut the fuck up.' Boomboxes being carried through the streets blaring music will be confiscated and replaced with a sackful of feathers. Anyone who talks on a cell phone loudly in a quiet restaurant will have their phones confiscated and replaced with a bag of cotton candy. Anyone who, on the subway or bus, plays a game on their cell phone, a Game Boy, etc. without turning the sound off, will have the item confiscated and replaced with a monkey (who is also mute) that will only be trained to punch you in the groin. People who are loud and drunk on any night from Monday through Wednesday will be confiscated and replaced with goldfish.

I guess that's all I can think of. But it's a start."

Friday, June 18, 2004

"On eBay"
by Chumbawamba.

[From the liner notes:]
"The military have known the importance of this museum. I showed them where it was. There's no reason why this should be looted. I fully expect to see some of these looted items show up on eBay in coming weeks" (McGuire Gibson of the University of Chicago, one of the world's top Mesopotamia scholars, after the museum looting in Baghdad.) Writing in The Independent, journalist Robert Fisk said this of the looting: "For Iraq, this is Year Zero; with the destruction of the antiquities in the Museum of Archaeology and the burning of the National Archives and then the Koranic Library, the cultural identity of Iraq is being erased. Why? Who set these fires? For what insane purpose is this heritage being destroyed?" French writer and critic Jean Baudrillard made sense of what happened in Baghdad when he said that the West's mission was to make the world's wealth of cultures "interchangeable", and to subordinate them withing the global order. "Our culture, which is bereft of values, revenges itself upon the values of other cultures." When Donald Rumsfeld was asked about the theft of Iraq's cultural treasures he quipped: "Stuff happens. It's untidy. And freedom's untidy. Free people are free to make mistakes ad commit srimes and do bad things." He further joked, "Television is merely running the same footage of the same man stealing a vase over and over," and added that he "didn't think there were that many vases in Iraq". According to Baudrillard, war's primary aim is to normalise savagery, diminish any resistance but also "to colonise and tame any terrain, geographical or mental." By imposing Western culture on Iraq and allowing its own history to be decimated, America is merely making the world's cultures interchangeable. Making everything taste the same, and making nothing have any real value. Here, swap you a Big Mac for this vase.


Mr. Kokoschka, it just happened again--
They struck the museum like a hurricane
All of our culture, it's dead and it's gone
From Babylon, baby, back to Babylon

There's stuff you find along the way
And stuff you leave behind
And it all ends up as stuff that you can buy
On eBay
From Babylon back to Babylon
On eBay
From Babylon back to Babylon

In old Baghdad, they're dusting off the antiques;
It's the fourteenth Guernica we've had this week
I got twenty-five dollars for a Persian vase
Hold the critique, I think I'll go large.

That stuff inside your houses
And that stuff behind your eyes
Well, it all ends up as stuff that you can buy
On eBay
From Babylon back to Babylon
On eBay
From Babylon back to Babylon

They're building a tower out of wrappers and cans
And now we speak in a language that we all understand
T-t-t-t-t-t-tounge-tied and starry eyed...
It's the ancient history of old school ties.

There's stuff dressed up and truth
And then there's stuff dressed up as lies
And it all ends up as stuff that you can buy
On eBay
From Babylon back to Babylon
On eBay
From Babylon back to Babylon

Correction: Coprophilia is "An abnormal, often obsessive interest in excrement, especially the use of feces for sexual excitement." Coprophagy is the term for shit eating. I momentarily forgot my Latin. There's not much difference between the two terms anyway, if you have one, the other's probably present too. Like anyone cares anyway. What a sick topic.

Ok, so I mentioned I got a pet. Alicia knows what it is, but I was somewhat disappointed that Melissa didn't ask about it, wondering what it was. It's not another hamster, though that's almost what I got, and it's not that far from it. It's a rat. Yes, a rat. Rats are cool. I bought a book about rats as pets when I got it, and it says they are at least as smart as dogs. That they absolutely love to be handled and will be about as loyal as a dog. You can also teach them tricks. It says they are a lot smarter, friendlier, and playful than a hamster. So far she's still a little scared of me, but she's getting better. She doesn't bite, but I have a hard time getting her out of her little house/bed thing so I can pick her up. And sometimes she tries to run from me when I have her out, but not all the time. I named her Freyja. Freyja is a Norse goddess, basically the Norse version of Venus or Aphrodite. It was also the name of the rat-girl in Final Fantasy IX, except there I think they just spelled it Freya. She's on my desk next to me right now. In a smaller carrying cage I bought. Her main cage is a ten-gallon aquarium. I know I shouldn't have bought her, as I was spending too much money lately anyway, but I've been really wanting a dog lately, especially a chihuahua, and if I hadn't bought something relatively cheap like this, I would've probably eventually broke down and bought a dog I really couldn't afford.

She gets really nervous when I put her in this carrying case, but she seems to be calming down now, because she has now curled up and gone to sleep. My mom thought it was gross when I told her I bought a rat, but then when she saw it, she said it was cute, and she likes it now. She's white, with a black hood, meaning head and neck area, and three black spots going down her back, and there's tiny black spot in the center of her chest. She's not that big for a rat. I'm not sure how old she is, but she's the same size as all the rats at Petsmart. I noticed the rats at the pet store in Crossroads Mall were almost twice the size of the rats at Petsmart. I don't know if they are a different breed, or are just a lot older, or what. I was wanting a really big rat, but Petsmart didn't have any. I spent a lot of money on her. Well, she was only $6.99, about half the price of a hamster, but I had to buy the aquarium, and all the accessories, and the food and stuff, and then yesterday I went back and bought the carrier and some more wood shavings and stuff. I've spent about $90 already.

I wasn't able to get any money for my Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I had a lot that were worth $5, but I didn't bother selling them. I may go back and sell some of them. I said that the Exodia set was worth $149, but I forgot that my set was in Japanese, instead of the American version, rendering it almost worthless. Well, I could still get up to $50 for it, but only if I can find someone who will buy it, this place doesn't buy the Japanese cards because they have trouble selling them. None of the other card sets I took were worth anything either. They didn't know anything about the Marvel cards, but I suspect they may be worth something, especially the fancier ones I have, some of them are X-Men 30th Anniversary Special Edition cards, then I have a holographic Thing, and a Marvel Masterpieces Thor. They didn't know anything about them, they told me to check a regular comic shop, but the comic shop I normally go to said they don't deal in cards, and don't know anything about them.

Hmm, seems like there was something else I wanted to mention, but I can't think what it was.

"Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute
imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point
of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell, and kill me again or take
me as I am, for I shall not change." -- Marquis de Sade's Last Will and Testament

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More Referral news.

Someone got to my site by searching for "Adolph Hitler Coprophilia." Coprophilia is the scientific name for shit eating, a term I don't recall ever using on my blog. I don't know what's worse, that someone got to my site by searching for this phrase, or just that someone was searching for this phrase at all.

I can't believe the number of people searching for the lyrics to "On eBay," by Chumbawamba. Out of the last 100 people to come to my site, 43 of them got there by searching for various phrases involving the words "from Babylon back to Babylon," "buy on eBay," "Chumbawamba," and "stuff inside your houses." Actually, it was only about 40 people searching for that song, two or three then were searching for the lyrics to another new Chumbawamba song, "Everything you know is wrong." What's kind of strange is that I posted the entire lyrics to "Everything you know is Wrong," but only mentioned one line from "On eBay," as a brief quote. After this post, I'll probably be getting even more people arriving from Chumbawamba searches. Maybe tomorrow I'll post the complete lyrics to "On eBay." If I have the time. I'm probably going up to OKC tomorrow. The other day I found a new store in Crossroads Mall that deals almost completely with cards. Baseball cards, Yu-Gi-Oh, stuff like that. Every collectors card product you can think of. I've never even heard of half of them. Like the "Survivor" collectible card game. Anyway, I was there and noticed that they had the five card Exodia set from Yu-Gi-Oh priced at $149. I may sell them mine. I also have some other Yu-Gi-Oh cards that are probably worth $20 or $30 each. I also have some cards I've been meaning to see if were worth anything for years now. They're either really rare, or not worth anything, because I never see them at stores like this. It's the old Marvel Comics Trading Cards from the early 90's, like 1992 and 1993. I've got a whole bunch of them, including a mint condition holographic Thor card. That may be worth some money. I hope so. Then I will actually be able to afford getting a tattoo, if I can ever decide what I want. That's why I still haven't gotten a tattoo like me and Chris were going to do, I can't decide what I want, and I can't afford it. Kim at work got a butterfly tattooed on the back of her neck a few days ago, it's only about an inch across, and it still cost $70. Tattoos are expensive.

I can also use the money for stuff for my new pet, but more on that in my next post. I wasn't even planning on writing a post tonight, I just came in here to check my email, and got distracted. I was wanting to do some reading before bed, but now it's too late.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Yay! Quiz time! It's been a while.

speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

discover what candy you are @ quiz me

That makes no sense, based on the answers I gave. All my answers were about staying home alone and reading.

find your inner PIE @

No one could call you shy. Your cosmic profile doesn't exactly suggest a private person. Still, there must be a reason why you're trying to hide your inner blaze from someone. Don't bother. The person who's looking for it can see right through you. Give in to temptation. Live in the moment. When this kind of passion visits your life, the delight it brings you, it's almost too much to handle.

Well, so much for the accurate horoscopes. Although, Alicia is coming over later...

Saturday, June 12, 2004

I don't know whether to be upset or excited about this, but, as I see by looking at my referrals, my site is the number two result when using Yahoo! Search to search for "disgusting and strange things to look at."

Someone also got to my site by searching Google for "WooTequila." I wonder who did that. What's funny is that you only get two results for that search, both of them sites I created. This site, and my horrible, old Geocities site. I didn't know that thing showed up in Google searches. I'm embarrassed now. That site is horrible. Actually, it's not that the site itself was bad, it's just that it has fallen into such a state of disrepair that it no longer works, and most of the images don't even load.

In the last day or two, almost ten people have gotten to my site searching for Chumbawamba lyrics. Most of them for the line "From Babylon back to Babylon."

Someone else got to my site by searching Google for "Haunted Hippie House Lawnmowers NY." I don't know what the fuck that's supposed to mean, but that search only comes up with three results, my site is number 2 on the list.

My site comes up 13th on the list when using MSN Search to search for "dog trailors." Someone else got here by using the same search engine to search for "Pickle Tickling."

My site is tenth on the list when searching Google for, "morrowind kill owner apartment."

But of course, most of my visitors are still finding this site by searching for the quote, "Strange things are afoot at the Circle K," or various other forms of that phrase. I can't believe so many people search for that phrase every day.

Jesus, I just laughed way too hard at this. From

Does it bother anyone else that our country has the only national anthem that talks about ROCKETS and BOMBS? I motion for a change in terminology, one that will reflect upon America as a fun-loving, non-nuking nation. Let’s replace ROCKETS and BOMBS with TAMPONS and CONDOMS. Go ahead, sing it! To your parents! At dinner!

This would make the lyrics to the song, "And the tampons red glare… the condoms bursting in air…"

But THIS made me laugh even harder. I'm sure the neighbors heard me...

Click it too, the website is hilarious, though it was just that initial picture that made me laugh so hard. The FAQ is really funny.

THIS is also really cool:
I KNOW WHERE BRUCE LEE LIVES: The Ultrainteractive Kung-fu Remixer

I'm really loving my horoscopes lately. Yesterday's was pretty good too. Another one I got today that covers the whole month, says that Venus enters my sign on the 29th, which could lead to a "delightfully romantic encounter." Yeah right.

Your problems are small and few, and you are as happy as can be about it. To you, this is the ultimate reminder to celebrate what you have and ignore what you lack. If you truly need something else, it will come to you. Circumstances take you to the places that you have to visit. There's no rush, though. If you run out of steam, lie down somewhere for an inconspicuous nap.

Friday, June 11, 2004

My sentiments exactly. From Sweat Flavored Gummi:

Finally, some anti-Reagan in the media. I did not like Reagan, he scared the shit out of me. Nuclear war, complete disregard for the environment and chloroflorocarbons, his greasy hair, his politics, star wars, and his view of women as third class citizens. I can't believe there won't be any mail service today. What the fuck? Reagan was no Kennedy. Or Clinton, for that matter. Whoo, Clinton! Shout out, brotha. We miss you. Oh utopian society, where for art thou?

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's not sad that he's dead. I'm glad he's dead.

Last night when I was eating dinner with my parents, the TV was on the news, and they were talking about all the tens of thousands of people coming to say a final farewell to Reagan, and my dad said, "I've got a farewell I'd like to give him, but I'd get arrested." I said, "I've been thinking that same exact thing ever since he died."

Last night I opened my apartment door and a cat ran in. I heard it a few nights ago meowing outside for like 20 minutes. It has a very loud and weird sounding meow. It just sounds like it's actually saying "meow." So last night I could hear it outside meowing again, and I opened the door to look and it ran into my apartment, and started rubbing against me and purring. I let it stay for about half an hour. I've never heard a cat purr so much, it was just rubbing all over me. It even kept climbing up on me and rubbing against my face. It followed me around every step I took. I almost had to toss it out the door to get it out, it kept trying to run back in. It was a nice cat, but I was extremely allergic to it, my neck even got red and inflamed and itchy, and was still that way when I went to work this morning. I've never had that happen before.

I may be getting a new layout for my site soon. Ever since they got this new version of Blogger they've got some really nice layouts. I hate doing it though, because it will mean copy and pasting a lot of code, for all the extras I have on my site.

In 1986 Satpal Ram defended himself against a racist attack and his attacker died. Although he's served longer than his original sentence he's still locked up, still refusing the role of repentant convict, still maintaining that self-defense is a legitimate response to racism.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

I've been getting some really cool and accurate horoscopes lately:

What you see is what you dream. At least that's a good starting point. Go to the movies if there's one that you need to experience. Rent a few good DVDs if you want a wider range. When you're tuning yourself up for something big, your strategy of the moment is to mix in some new adventures with favorite reruns whose lines you know by heart. You don't need others to play this game with you. If no one else is willing or available, you're perfectly happy to go through with it on your own.

I decided not to go play Halo after all. Partly because I'm so full. I went over to my parent's for dinner, because my mom was cooking chicken and dumplings. I stuffed myself so much that even now, two hours later, I'm still in pain. I also stayed home so I could keep reading. That's all I've done the last two or three weeks is read almost constantly. I'm researching. They've all been about the same things. And most of them by the same authors actually. Here's the list of books I've read in the last few weeks. I really recommend them to almost everyone, especially the first one on the list.

The Hiram Key: Pharoahs, Freemasons, and the Discovery of the Secret Scrolls of Jesus, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas

The Second Messiah: Templars, the Turin Shroud and the Great Secret of Freemasonry, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas

The Book of Hiram: Freemasonry, Venus and the Secret Key to the Life of Jesus, by Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas

And I am currently reading:

Rosslyn: Guardians of the Secrets of the Holy Grail, by Tim Wallace-Murphy

And, books that I have just bought, or already owned, and will be reading next, probably in this order:

Pope Joan, by Donna Woolfolk Cross

James, the Brother of Jesus, by Robert Eisenman

The Holy Bible, New International Version. Do I really need to put a link for this one? It's the Bible, the regular old Bible, just not the King James version, but one of the newer, slightly easier to understand versions.

I own a lot of books like these, at least two or three times this many. I've read almost all of them, several of them more than once.

Ok, time to go read some more.

"Ma'at-neb-men-aa, Ma'at-ba-aa." Ancient Egyptian phrase meaning, "Great is the established Master of Ma'at, Great is the spirit of Ma'at." Ma'at was a philosophical concept at the center of Egyptian life. Strangely, this phrase is whispered into the ear of the initiate during the Masonic ceremony for being raised to the level of Master Mason.

Everything You Know is Wrong
by Chumbawamba


Taking scissors to play cut up with the black vote down in florida; coloured pens and glitter glue for sexing up the dossier. I'm the someone who knew something they're not telling pre-September. I lean on people in the loop to help them unremember.

I was flying on UA 93,
That shadow in the footage -- it was probably me.
I'm a rumour, I'm a doubt, I'm a lie,
But you wouldn't stand near me, if you didn't want to die.

Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
There's a verse missing out of this song (misinformation)
Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
Wrong wrong, wrong wrong.

I was there when they landed on the Moon,
(In a studio in Kentucky in June).
I've got Kennedy's brain in a jar.
If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't laugh so hard.

Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
There's a verse missing out of this song (misinformation)
Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
Wrong wrong, wrong wrong.

In the canteen down at Columbine with the bags they never found;
Striking matches up at Waco when they burned it to the ground.
Without me Oklahoma wasn't possible at all --
See my silhouette in the Super 8 around the grassy knoll.

Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
There's a verse missing out of this song (misinformation)
Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
Wrong wrong, wrong wrong.

Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
There's a _____ missing out of this song (misinformation)
Everything you know is wrong (misinformation)
Wrong wrong, wrong wrong.

I was in Paris in the underpass.
I'm the FO sponsored supergrass.
I'm Charlie Thrush in Minnesota,
And I smuggled hep across the border.
Stole Danny Casolaro's memoirs;
Put the acid in the reservoirs.
I'm Ron Brown's body on a T-43,
(And I hid those missing WMD's).

Current Mood: Fan-fucking-tastic.
Current Music: The Wizard of Menlo Park, by Chumbawamba.

My new Chumbawamba album arrived yesterday evening! A day early! And it's fucking great, like every Chumbawamba album. I do have to admit it's not quite as good as their other albums, but it's still great. It has four or five songs that are really amazingly great, but some of the others are just semi-great. The best song on the album is called "Everything you know is wrong," and is completely and utterly kick-ass. More on that song later.

"You've probably seen a bumpersticker that says "kill your television!' Don't bother. Corporate dominated television and radio are busy killing themselves." -- The Wizard of Menlo Park

It arrived just a few minutes before I was leaving to go see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban with my sister. She and my mom had been to see it a couple of days before, and they both said it was really good. Even my mom said that it was the best movie she'd seen in a while, and that I needed to go see it. They were right, it was really good. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was the best movie I'd seen lately, but it was close. The best movie I've seen lately would have to either be Hellboy, or Bruce Almighty, which I just got around to finally seeing a couple of days ago.

I did go down to Texas Monday, like I was planning. I left about 5:00pm. Chris gave me directions on how to get there. He didn't give me directions to his apartment, because it would've been too confusing, he just gave me directions to this gas station that's right there at the exit near his apartment and I was supposed to call him when I got to it, and he'd come and I could follow him to the apartment. I couldn't have gotten in even if he had told me where it was, as it has a gate and you have to have a passcard or something. I got to the gas station about 8:15, and found that none of the payphones at it worked. I asked the guy inside if those two were the only ones, and he said yes, and that some idiot has been going around and breaking all the payphones in the area, and good luck finding one that still worked. I finally found one that worked about a mile down the road. The phone worked, but I couldn't get the phone number to work. Chris had lost the charger to his cellphone, so he had told me to call his apartment number, but everytime I dialed it I got that "The call cannot be completed as dialed," message. I finally got it to work by dialing the area code and all, even though it wasn't long distance. Neither me or Chris could figure out why I had to do that. So I finally got to his apartment about 9:00, and then he and Candice made me watch American Wedding. That was the worst experience of my life, it was like being tortured for two hours. Just thinking about the movie now still causes me pain. I'd never seen any of the American Pie series of movies, and was planning on never watching them ever. There were a few funny parts, but only a handful. The biggest complaint about the movie is that it was so fucking predictable, the same reason I don't watch sitcoms, I always know exactly what's going to happen. It's like, "uh-oh, somethings wacky's going to happen now. The parent's are going to come back home." Ugh, I feel like I need a shower just from thinking about the movie.

The next day was better. Candice had to go to work, (I don't mean that's why it was better) and it was just me and Chris, and the little kid. Candice has a little girl from a previous marriage, I think she's about two years old. She's a cute kid, but like all kids her age, she can be a huge pain. Chris had to go to the base, and drop off his uniform at the cleaners to be cleaned, and to have some new rank patches put on it before he reports for duty next week. Then we got some food from Jack in the Box. I love that place, they're my favorite fast food place, but we don't have them in Oklahoma. I eat there every time I go to Texas. We took the food back to the apartment, and found that Bruce Almighty was just coming on. That movie was really, really good. If I hadn't spent so much money already this month, I'd go buy it on DVD. I've spent a lot of money this month, and now I need to spend even more. The front end of my car has needed aligned for some months now, and now the brakes are messing up, and I have to get them fixed, which my dad said will probably take at least $200. And then my almost $500 car insurance is due in August.

So we watched the movie, and then just sat around watching cartoons most of the day, and then I left to go back home about 5:00 pm. I stopped along the way to eat dinner at Jack in the Box before I left Texas, and I got back home about 8:30.

It's been raining for the last three or four days now. Raining really hard at time, but sometimes it slows to just a steady drizzle. Some parts of the state got six inches of rain in just one storm on the first day. It's like fucking Biblical weather going on here. It's even worse in Texas. It didn't stop raining the entire time I was there, and then when I came back to Oklahoma I found that it hadn't really stopped raining the whole time I was gone. When me and my sister got to the theater last night, she opened the car door to get out and said, "ugh, a puddle!" And I said, "Duh! It's been raining for three days, the whole state is a puddle! It's one big puddle from here to south Texas!"

Later I may be going to Phillip's to play Halo. The usual gang is supposed to be going over there to play, but I'm not sure if I am. I probably will.

Ok, I think that's it for now.

"That stuff inside your houses, and that stuff behind your eyes, well it all winds up as stuff that you can buy on eBay. From Babylon back to Babylon." -- On eBay, by Chumbawamba.

The weirdest news I've heard in a while...

Man's Body Lies Undisturbed for 20 Years - EarthLink - Strange News

The best news I've heard in a while...

Spears Injures Knee During Video Shoot

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Post 800

Current Mood: Really good. I feel very content.
Current Music: "Tubthumping," by Chumbawamba. Making my good mood even better.

That's one of the few things I like about this new version of Blogger: it tells how many posts are on your blog. This is my 800th post, which is kinda hard to believe.

I really love Chumbawamba. Really. I about wet myself when I learned they have a new album coming out. And then the other day I download a little sampler of the album, and suddenly I knew how Alicia felt when she almost started crying because she found an album by one of her favorite artists at the music store a few weeks ago. I can't wait for the album to come out. I keep listening to this little three minute and thirty-three minute sampler track over and over the last two days. Today I found the album (which is called "Un") on It doesn't come out until the 8th (!!!!!), but you can pre-order it, and they'll ship it out on the 8th. I even paid extra to get the 2 day shipping. The album was only $13.99, but I ended up paying almost $21 because of the extra-fast shipping. I would've gotten the next day shipping, but I just spent almost $70 on some new books yesterday. I've been doing a lot of reading the last week or so. I was also really excited by one of the books I found at the store yesterday, it's the newest book by the authors of the books I've been reading. I bought it yesterday evening, and I've already read about 200 pages of it. I will write more about these books in another post.

I was supposed to have helped Chris move his stuff down to Texas yesterday, meaning I would've been gone all day, since it's a three to four hour drive each way. He told me to come over around 9:30 or 10:00am, and we'd leave soon after that. I got there about 9:45, and they were just starting to load all the stuff up, instead of already having it mostly, or even partly, done. I helped them with that, but it ended up being after 1:00 before they were ready to set out, meaning that it would've been probably almost midnight before I got home that night if I went, so in the end I didn't go after all, since I had to work this morning.

I got sent home early today. Really early. And on top of that, I still had my usual half-hour break, so I didn't even work 4 hours today, instead of 8. I was supposed to work from 8 to 4, but I got sent home about 12:15. They had a new person starting today, so they had four people up front and a manager, instead of the usual two or three people and a manager. Also, for some strange reason, none of us were scheduled to go home at 2:00, like at least one person usually is. On top of that, it wasn't that busy, and the new girl was catching on pretty quick, so they ended up sending me home really early. I don't know why, since Alicia and Kim both got there an hour before me. I like getting off early, but I also hate losing that many hours. I won't get any overtime this week now, and I need it.

I wish if they were going to send me home really early one day this week it would've been tomorrow, instead of today. Tomorrow I am going to Texas to spend the night and my day off at Chris' new place. As soon as I get home from work I'm going to take my shower, and get my stuff ready, and clean a few things up around the house, and then I'm leaving for Texas, meaning I should get there right before dark, hopefully. Then I'm going to drive back Tuesday evening. That also means I'll be spending a lot of money on gas, with how high the gas prices have gotten. Also, I just spent $30 today on an oil change, and my car insurance is due in August, so I'm really going to have to cut my spending down the next month or two.

I'm going to go read some more, and then get some of my stuff ready for tomorrow.

"A stand can be made against invasion by an army; no stand can be made against invasion by an idea." --Victor Hugo

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Here's my horoscope for the day:

There's no difference between fantasy and reality in your current version of the world. This could mean trouble for some people, but in your case the merger is benign rather than dangerous. You're in a safe, familiar place where the few hazards are easily identifiable. Your guesses are consistently accurate. Others recognize your magic and let you have your way. Maybe they believe in you or maybe they're just humoring you in your amazing condition. Either way, you appreciate the gesture. Remember their faces so that you can pay back the favor if the tables ever turn.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Current Mood: Fat. Fat like a big fat wiener dog that waddles around and wears a sweater. Like that one at the apartment across from me.
Current Music: "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart. Please God, make it stop. And I find it very sad that I knew who sings that song without even looking.

Blah blah blah, I know I haven't been writing much lately, blah blah blah.

So, yes. (And why does saying that make me feel like Alicia? *Feels of self* Yup, I feel like Alicia. Not really, how would I know? And am I going to write the whole post in this parenthesis? And why am I asking you anyway?) Hmmm, ever since I sat down here and started to write, I'm getting hyper. And to think, I didn't want to write a post.

So anyway, I haven't been writing much, partly because Chris is home, but mostly because I just don't feel like it.

Mmmmm, big fat wiener dog. I wish I had a dachshund. As I mentioned before, the lady in the apartment across from me has a huge fat dachshund. Its name is Miss Piggy. I know this because the other night it apparently got away from her when she was taking it out for a walk, because she outside my door for ten minutes yelling, "Misspiggy, get back here! MISSPIGGY!" The way she says Miss Piggy it sounds like one word. And she looks and sounds more like Miss Piggy than the dog does. This leads me to wonder though, was the dog always fat? Was it fat when she got it as a little puppy, so she named it Miss Piggy? Or did she just name it Miss Piggy anyway, and then it kind of grew into the name? Or even worse, did she plan all along on purposely making the dog fat, because she wanted a fat dachshund named Miss Piggy?

We had a pretty bad storm earlier. Actually, it looked worse than it actually was. It was a nice day, but then suddenly it started getting really dark, really quick. After 30 minutes or so, it looked like night outside. Luckily the storm here in Purcell wasn't as bad as it was around us. We didn't get the big hail like everywhere else, we just had a little bit of tiny hail. The wind was pretty bad, but not as bad as it was in other places. Up in Tulsa, the wind alone was so bad it broke the windows out of several tall buildings. They had to shut the buildings down and evacuate them, and they had to close some of the streets for all the glass and stuff all over them. And that was just wind, it wasn't a tornado or anything. Though there were a few of those just a few days ago. Not here, but in other parts of the state. We almost never get them in Purcell. I've explained all that before, how we almost never get tornados because we are kinda in a little valley between several rivers and creeks and stuff, and for some reason, tornadoes don't like to cross water very often. They will sometimes, but not often.

I may or may not have mentioned this before. I think I may have, but I'm not sure. Most of my friends know it, but not everyone. Anyway. I'm an ordained minister. I can legally marry and bury people, and perform baptisms and bless things and stuff like that. Well, it depends on your point of view for some of those things. According to the law I can legally do this stuff, but since I don't really practice or believe in Christianity, or whatever in your opinion the right religion is, you may say that I can't really bless things or baptize people, as that is a power granted by God, and since I don't worship Him, he won't let me do these things. But whatever. I got ordained by the Universal Life Church. They will ordain anyone, you can do it right from the website, all you have to do is fill out a little form, it takes like three minutes, and that's it, from then on you are legally ordained. And it's completely free. Well, it's free to become ordained. If you want a fancy certificate and some other stuff like that, you can order it for a few bucks. I really suggest buying the credentials pack if you ever intend on using your new ordained status in any way. The best thing about the ULC is that they are completely non-denominational. That means they'll ordain you, and you can consider yourself ordained in whatever religion you want. Including making your own religion, if you are planning on starting a cult or something like that.

So anyway, the reason I mention this, is because I'm going to get some use out of it for the first time. So far all I've done with it is enjoy the looks on people's faces when I tell them I'm a legally ordained minister. Someone wants me to bless some stuff for them. Chris' girlfriend is a witch. I'm not trying to say she's a bitch, I'm saying she practices Wicca. Which is cool with me, I've practiced it myself a little. I've tried, or at least studied about, nearly every religion you can think of, it's a hobby of mine. She is going to do some spell to cleanse and bless her and Chris' new apartment, or something like that, and she needs some consecrated water and something else I don't remember, to use in the spell. That's weird, I've never heard of any spell that requires consecrated items as ingredients. Not any Wicca or white magic spell anyway. Satanic Rituals often use consecrated items, such as communion wafers that have already been "turned into the body of Christ." Those allow for some heavy-duty Satanic Magics. In some urban areas, the churches have gotten so concerned about this, that they've started posting guards at the doors to the church, and they won't let you leave until they look into your mouth to make sure you swallowed your communion wafer. To quote Dave Barry, "I am NOT making this up."

So Chris is supposed to bring some water and stuff over some day, and I'm supposed to bless it for them. That was a strange phone call. I'm just sitting there, playing video games, when the phone rings, and it's Chris, who had just left my apartment about 15 minutes ago. He asks me "You're a ordained minister, right?" That kinda freaked me out. Then he explained about how Candice needed the stuff for a spell, and would I please bless some stuff for them if they brought it over? I said sure. I was stunned by the end of that phone call.

I mentioned I was playing video games, that's one of the main reasons I haven't been writing. I'm obsessed with Morrowind, which is the best video game ever made, except of course for the Final Fantasy games. There for a week or two I was playing it like 6 hours a day at least. And that was on days I worked. On days I was off I'd play it even more.

Well, this post has rambled on long enough, and I'm getting sick of it. And for some reason I can barely type tonight, I keep messing up every few words. I better spell check and re-read it before I post it.

"Anybody can press a button and blow up a ship. Anybody can use an atom bomb. Anybody can pick up a big whip and whip you. Anybody can stick a knife into you, anybody can pull a trigger. But where's the man with the character as can take a punch on the nose, and keep his temper and keep control of himself?"