Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Oh man, I just had to run out of the house and try to save my car from the hail. I was sitting here online, and I heard it start to rain, and then hail. I looked outside and it was about marble sized but getting a little bigger. I don't have a garage here, but there's a church down the street with this big awning for the cars to let people out under, so I was going to park under that. But by the time I got out to my car, not only had it stopped hailing, it had even stopped raining. So I went back inside, but then maybe 15 minutes later, it started hailing again, and it was even bigger this time. So I bolted out of my apartment to my car (and amazingly I didn't get hit by a single piece of hail the entire time) but someone had beaten me to the awning and was already parked under it. But by this time it had almost stopped hailing again, so I just went to my parent's house, since I was barely a block away. It turns out, we got off lucky here in Purcell, the rest of the state has been having a hell of a time. I still don't have TV here, so I hadn't heard anything, but at my parent's, that's all the TV stations are talking about, is the terrible hailstorms we've been having today. All around us, and just up the highway in Oklahoma City. The hailstorm killed almost every duck and goose up at Lake Hefner in OKC, and did about $60,000 in damage to the OKC Botanical Gardens and the hail was so sudden and deep that firemen were having to dig people's cars out of it on the highway. Also there was a bunch of tornados right over Purcell and Lexington (the town just like a mile down the road), but they were just rotating up in the clouds, none of them were touching down or anything. The storms are supposed to be over now though, they are moving east and have all gone over us now.

Also, while I'm writing anyway, here's a hilarious post from one of my favorite blogs, Sweat Flavored Gummi:

Is there something wrong with me? When I go to the video store I want a nice movie with a hamster in it. A funny hamster. A cute hamster. A sassy hamster. There are no new releases starring hamsters. What the fuck, you fucks? Get me some hamsters, stat! Do I have to make my own movie? I will, you know. I would do a hamster rendition of a classic movie, so that way I wouldn't have to think too much, just train the critters and do wardrobe. Maybe Casablanca or something more upbeat like Fame. Ooh Flashdance! I could get Jennifer Beals to come on for a cameo because she's a sister and on that incredibly lame lesbian show The L Word. What is up with that show? The wife just got the premium cable package so we have taped the last two episodes, since it's after our bedtimes, and we are dumbstruck. Did that Jennifer just have an orgasm pressing her face against the filthy wall of the prison? From nothing but mere suggestion? What the hell is that? And where can I get some? At least it has that Yoplait elf on it that says "soooo" all the time. Or maybe I could do East of Eden with my hamsters, get a little Ferris Wheel and plop them down and make on all James Dean-like. Big fight scene with his brother, so cool. Hamsters, people, we need more hamsters. And not just that smart mouthed bitch one on Dr. Doolittle. And I don't want any of this Stuart Little shit, take your computer animation and shove it up your gooey ass. ...

Happy Boston Marathon day, by the by. Im trapped on this side of the race. That means I can't get home without being all sneaky about it. Hmm. I need to plan. And those poor bastards, it's actually hot outside. It snowed last week and suddenly it's 85. Yup. Everything bloomed yesterday in one mad rush of flowering excitement. Where's my hovercraft powered by hamsters? Talented hamsters? I need to somehow leap my car over the stragglers sweating into smelly pools on the asphalt this afternoon. My life is so hard.