Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Mmmm, breakfast is great when it consists of an apple and a strawberry cheescake filled toaster streudel. I love those toaster streudels.

Fuck Fuck Fuckity Fuck. My toilet continued gurgling all night. At first it was just doing it every few hours, but it's steadily getting more frequent. Now it's doing it about every hour. And the toilet barely flushes now. I noticed when I first rented the apartment that there is a sign hanging on the door saying, and I paraphrase slightly, "We've been having a problem lately with idiots trying to flush diapers, feminine hygeine products, and other things-that-were-not-meant-to-be-flushed, and backing up everyone's sewage lines. It is costing us a lot of money to keep paying for people to fix it, so if you people don't stop doing stupid shit we're going to have to raise the rent."

The toilet is not what has me really upset though. What has me upset is that my water heater has also decided that this is the perfect opportunity to spontaneously spring a leak. The closet and the carpet in front of it is very wet. I had to move my couch out from the wall a few minutes ago, as the water is starting to creep that way and that way only.

Well, just now as I was finishing that sentence, the maintenance man came by. He was no help at all. When I first rented the apartment I complained that the water heater closet door was warped, and they said it was because it had been leaking, and had just been fixed right before I rented it. They said they put a new water heater in, but there was a small leak in a pipe, but no one noticed because right after they put in in, the lady that lived here went on vacation for about three weeks. The maintenance man tried to convince me just now that the wet floor was just where it was still wet from that leak three weeks ago, and I just hadn't noticed it being wet. Idiot. I'd think I would've noticed the floor being so wet that it squishes when you walk on it. It's so wet that even he could tell it was soaked, and he was wearing shoes. He couldn't find any leak, he checked all the pipes and stuff. He said it may be the unit itself leaking, but that that's extremely rare. He also said the hot water heater upstairs may have over heated and flooded my closet, because there's a drainage pipe in the upstairs water heater closet, in case there's a leak or something, and the pipe from that drain comes out in my closet, but is supposed to be hooked to the drain in my closet, but the new water heater they put in my closet is so big that it blocks the drain, so they couldn't attach the pipe to it, so now if the water heater upstairs overheats or leaks, it will just spray water out into my closet. He doesn't think that happened either though, because he said that it overheating and spraying water out the emergency pipe is even more rare. So basically he poked around for five minutes, couldn't find a leak, and left. He put some paper towels in various places in the closet, to see if it was still leaking, and if so hopefully he could tell where it's coming from, and that he'd be back to check on them tomorrow. Fucker.

I'm just glad I didn't have to sit around waiting on him all day long. Even though I don't plan on leaving this apartment all day anyway, except to take some clothes to my mom so she can wash them. She still does all my laundry, there is a small laundry room here at the apartments, but it only has one or two washers and dryers, and some other laundromats in town, but my mom was like, "there's no sense in you wasting your money, just bring your stuff to me and I'll wash it." So I'll let her continue doing my laundry, at least for a while anyway.

Well, time to find something else to do.