Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I'm in a pretty good mood, today's been a pretty good day. I was planning on going to the Army Surplus store in Norman just to look around mainly, but I ended up not going there. Melissa was drinking something from Starbucks earlier, and it sounded good, I haven't had a cappucino or anything in a long time. It's kinda hard to believe, considering how common Starbucks are everywhere else, but there's hardly any coffee shops around here. There's nowhere here in Purcell that sells anything like that, and the only Starbucks I know of are the ones inside Barnes and Noble Bookstores. There's also a cafe in Borders bookstore, and the Panera Bread sells cappucinos and espressos. Anyway, I wanted a cappucino, so I decided to go to the Starbucks in Barnes and Noble. During the drive to Norman I also did something I don't do very often, I smoked a Black and Mild cigar thing. I don't normally smoke, and I don't like cigarettes, but I do occasionally like to smoke cigars. So I got to the bookstore, and got my cappucino, and browsed around the bookstore for an hour or so. It was pretty cool, because I could really tell my medication was working today, I wasn't anxious or shy or anything walking around the bookstore. I think I could have actually even talked to a girl if I had had the chance. At the bookstore I bought The Metamorphosis, and Other Stories of Franz Kafka, I've always wanted to read The Metamorphosis. I also bought A Field Guide to the Urban Hipster by Josh Aiello (why does that name sound familiar?), a very funny book which calls itself "A comprehensive guide to identifying more than 35 species of urban hipsters," such as Goths, Metal Heads, Thugz, Rude Boys, Literati, Starving Artists, Punk Rockers, Straight Edge, Ex-Frats, Alpha Females, EuroTrash, Hippies, Models, Bike Messengers, Mods, Indie Rockers, Internet Geeks and The Lifer. I also bought Scrabble. I've wanted it for years, but I hate playing board games so I never bought it, I'd never even played it before. Me and my sister played it earlier and she beat me by about 30 points. I think the score was 191 to 228. I kept getting really bad hands, mostly consisting of six vowels. Things like AIOAIEQ.

On the way home from Norman I went to Wendy's. Wendy's is good, but I've only eaten there three times. I learned today that it is impossible to drink a Wendy's frosty through a straw, especially those tiny, thin straws they give you, they are so thin and weak you can barely drink a soda through them, they just collapse from the pressure.

This post is so badly written it's embarrassing, If I wasn't so lazy, I'd completely erase it and start over. I'm going to go read a while before bed.