Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

You know what I really hate? People who write their blogs like they talk in Instant Messages, and use internet shorthand like lol, and, OMG. I'm sure you've probably seen many blogs like that before. I know I have. They usually seem to be written by teenage girls too.

OMG, I wuz at school today, and Mike totally looked at me!!!1!1! i thgout I wuz gonna wet myself! LOL OMG! BTW i'm and idiot!

Blogs like that make me want to kill everyone. You may have noticed I never use things like lol in my posts, even though I really want to sometimes. I'm really bad about using lol in my IMs, sometimes it bugs me how much I use it. I put lol after almost every sentence. I've also noticed that I use "like" a lot, which is a common problem with lots of people these days. I try to catch and edit myself, to lower the amount of times I use it, but sometimes I still overuse it. It also bugs me how much I use the words "or something," or, "or something like that." I also overuse the word "cool." Everytime I post something I'm just like (ugh), "This is really cool!" I need find other ways to say that something is cool. Lately I've started using the phrase "this kicks ass," occasionally, but that's stupid.

Bah, enough complaining.