Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, March 05, 2004

I'm sick again today. I think it's just allergies, but maybe not. My eyes are itchy, and my sinuses are horrible, which seems like allergies. However, I'm also coughing, which I don't usually do when I have allergies, and this morning I felt achy all over and I was just completely out of it, like with the flu. I was so tired and half-unconscious that I kept almost falling asleep and almost falling over at work. By the afternoon I started feeling a little better, but then, after I went home, my sinuses got worse than ever. By dinner-time I couldn't breathe at all, and couldn't taste a thing I was eating. I hate that.

We've had some pretty bad weather the last few days. It was fine today, but about 11:00am Wednesday morning it suddenly started raining really hard, and soon it turned into the first thunderstorm of the season. Oklahoma Spring weather had arrived. It rained the entire day, very hard at times. By night many streets in Oklahoma City were starting to become flooded. It finally stopped for a while around midnight, but after a while it started raining off and on, and continued to rain occasionally the next day too. We were in tornado warnings all day too, but none ever hit. They had to shut down parts of I-240 because it was flooded, and many parts of the state are still underwater. Some parts of the state had the worst flooding seen in 20 years. I love Spring in Oklahoma. I mean that, I love storms and bad weather. Just as long as a tornado doesn't hit my house. We don't have to worry about tornados in my town, though, as the town is surrounded by several creeks and rivers, and tornados don't often cross water. We haven't had a tornado in Purcell in decades, I don't know the exact amount of time, but it's been since before I was born. Some hit out on the edge of town, out in the country, and past the protection of the water, but none have hit the main town in a long time.

We've started selling paper shamrocks at work. They cost a dollar, which goes to Jerry's Kids and the fight against Muscular Dystrophy. If you buy one, we write your name on it, and hang it on the wall. There are prizes and stuff for the employees who sell the most, and the restaurant which sells the most. Yesterday Alicia sold over sixty of them. I sold four. It's not really that I'm a bad salesman or anything, it's just that she was working drive-thru, and I was front counter and lobby. Drive-thru has several times the amount of orders that the lobby has, and the customers are more receptive to things like that. Most of my customers in the morning are the old men that sit around and drink coffee all morning, and high-school kids on their lunch break. Neither are very likely to buy the shamrocks. Most of the old men just give me dirty looks when I ask them, and I usually don't even bother asking the school kids. Some lady called up yesterday all angry about us selling them. She said we shouldn't be asking our customers for donations. I don't know why. She was really angry about it though. The manager wasn't very happy with her. He told her that it's not our fault anyway, we're made to do it by the corporation, and if she has a problem with it, to take it up with them.

As I mentioned earlier, Alicia moved to a new blog, and, as I mentioned the other day, I've been thinking about it as well. If I can find a hosting service that's better than Blogger, I may switch. I'm still not sure. I'm going to look at some other sites now, and see what they have to offer.

Cool, the new special episode of Spongebob, "Spongebob Goes Prehistoric," premieres in half an hour. I've been wanting to see that.