Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Current Mood: Still sick; bored.
Current Music: Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

I don't know anything about Hellboy, I've never read the comics or anything, but I really want to see the movie that's coming out. It's looks really cool. The visual style of the movie reminds me of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which was a really good movie. This Hellboy looks just as good. Hellboy himself looks really cool too.

I was off work today, and this day has sucked. I haven't really done anything today, I haven't even been at the computer much. I completed another chapter of the small business course I am taking, then me and my sister Marci played Halo for a while, and that's it really. I watched my Red vs. Blue DVD for the fourth time since I got it. It never gets old. A bunch of us played Halo over at Daniel's house last night, and everyone but one person had seen the DVD, because one of them also bought it last week, and everyone else borrowed it from him, so we kept quoting lines from it while we were playing, and then laughing like idiots. For example, Phillip kept saying "Fuckberries!" when he'd die. And someone else said "Simmons... get the warthog." a couple of times. And we all kept saying "chupa-thingy" and then everyone would laugh. There were also lots of jokes about pink armor. I did better than usual last night. I actually came in first place a couple of times.

I couldn't beleive it, I didn't turn on the computer the whole day yesterday. I never had the chance. First I had to go to be at work at 7:00am, which is an hour earlier than usual. Then, as soon as I got home, I changed clothes and stuff, and loaded up my X-Box and a TV, and went over to Daniel's, and then came home at around 11:30. I hated having to work 7 to 4 the last two work days. What's even worse, is that now that's my normal shift, I work 7 to 4 four of the five days I work this week. Which is cool in a way, because it will be more money. Also, if they don't send me home early any of those days, I will get a few hours of overtime. I haven't gotten overtime in five or six years. Mornings have gotten really busy the last few weeks, so they are increasing several shifts. The 8 to 4 is now 7 to 4, and the 6 to 1 is now 6 to 2 most days.

Oh man, this is a really old episode of the Simpsons that is on right now. The art style is kinda weird looking, and their motions are a lot more "cartoony" looking than they are now. Also, Smithers appears to be a black man with blue-grey hair. Oh, cool, Spongebob is on. That's much better than the Simpsons, I only watch them when there's absolutely nothing else on. Not that they're not funny or anything, I just never really got into that show.

I really get tired of italicizing things. I guess I could just put them in quotes, but italics is better.

Man I'm bored.