Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

The Binary Circumstance: Martha Stewart Verdict

I just think about how O.J. Simpson is running around free, how much real harm was caused by the Enron and Worldcom executives who destroyed people's pensions and their savings and became billionaires in the process. I think about what Congress has done to the Social Security system and that none of them are in jail. I think about how George Bush has killed thousands of Iraqi civilians, crippled children and how he's siphoned billions of dollars out of taxpayer's pockets and put it into the pocket of his friends. George Bush has not been charged with any crimes, he's running for president and will probably win.

Martha Stewart sold some stock when the government didn't like it. She probably lied to the government. She did not steal other people's money or kill anybody. The government's actions have cost the taxpayers millions and have cost investors in Stewart's company billions. Many more people have been injured by the government's actions than by Martha Stewart's actions.

Martha Stewart is going to jail when so many real criminals are still free.