Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Angry Rant Time: In the form of a conversation I just had with Melissa.

subspecies23: god dammit, I am getting so sick of this low carb craze
missy_custer: lol
subspecies23: now coke and pepsi are introducing low carb sodas
missy_custer: oh man
missy_custer: that's pathetic
subspecies23: and all the fast food places are getting all this low carb stuff
subspecies23: we're getting this new product at Carl's that if I see anyone actually order, I will slap them. It's like an instant heart attack in a bowl. I can't beleive anyone would actually eat it
subspecies23: first, for me to describe it to you, you have to know what a loaded omlette, one of our other products is...
subspecies23: the loaded omlette is an omlette biscuit, it a folded egg with two types of cheese, and crumbled sausage, bacon and ham folded in it, and then another peice of cheese is put on top of that, and then it's put on a buttered biscuit. The employees call it a heart attack biscuit
missy_custer: lol lol heart attack biscuit?
subspecies23: but this new product we're getting is called a breakfast bowl. It's got two scrambled eggs, with two strips of bacon put on top of them, sme crumbled cheese, and then, a loaded omlette without the biscuit is put on top of that, then more crumbled bacon, and more shredded cheese
subspecies23: and we're selling it as HEALTH FOOD, because it's low carb!
missy_custer: roflmfao
subspecies23: and people will buy it, and claim that they're eating healthy
missy_custer: ugh, bacon and ham...are just NOT good for a person
subspecies23: and then, if they don't have an instant heart attack, I will kill them MYSELF!