Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Yahoo! News - German Anatomist's Corpse Exhibit Blasted Kick ass, I've seen pictures of this before, and it's so cool. I would love to go see this exhibit.

BODYWORLDS-Home Here's the official site for the exhibits.

This is just weird. Kinda weird and gross, but also funny. cursedbreasts.gif (GIF Image, 600x490 pixels)

After seeing the Parasite Pals page, Melissa felt the need to sing a touching tribute to her tapeworm:

missy_custer: oh me and my tapeworm go on many adventures
missy_custer: me and my tapeworm are very much in love
missy_custer: tapeworm and i fit like a hand in the glove
missy_custer: ohhhh tapeworm i love ya!
missy_custer: tapeworm when you attack my tummy
missy_custer: i fall in love like an obsessed dummy
missy_custer: poooo like i never did before
missy_custer: oh baby, tapeworm, i want more
missy_custer: taaaapeworm, you're the one for me
missy_custer: taaaaapeworm, you suit me to a T
missy_custer: taaaaaapeworm, it's forever....
missy_custer: taaaaapeworm, let's stay together!!!!
missy_custer: baby, you know it's trueeee
missy_custer: that i've fallen in love with youuuu
missy_custer: you infected me with your passion
missy_custer: now my insides are really thrashing!
missy_custer: taaaapewooooormmmmm

Wasn't that moving? It moved me to go take a crap.

Random thing I just remembered after looking at a picture of a naked Japanese girl: At the Taste Of China restaurant I go to, someone has written on one of the men's room stall walls, "If you think Chinese food is good, wait until you taste Chinese pussy." It's been there for at least a year, and never has been removed or painted over.

Here's some Parasite Pals merchandise available from Archie McPhee. Welcome to Archie McPhee Online

Mmmmm... porn.