Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Ok, I'm working on a story version of the weird day I had today, but that may take a few days to complete, if I complete it at all. So here's a shorter version of my day.

Yesterday I wanted to go to CompUSA, but it's about an hour's drive, so I didn't want to go after work, so instead I decided to go today. So this morning I got up at 8:00am and got online for a while. Then I decided to shower and stuff and then go to CompUSA. First I went to Carl's Jr. to get some breakfast. While I was there Daniel asked if I wanted to play Halo with everyone tonight at Phillip's house. I said yes, but I don't know where Phillip lives now because he moved a while back, so Daniel tells me that Phillip gets off work at 4, and I can just follow him home when he does. So then I go to CompUSA. I looked around CompUSA for about an hour, and picked out a couple of small things I was going to buy, but then my compulsive buying habits got the best of me. I'm trying to save my money, and have been doing a good job of it, but then I decided I would buy an iPod. I've been putting it off for a year or so, and couldn't put it off any longer. I rationalized spending $400 dollars by remembering that I will be getting a tax refund soon that should cover most of that. So I put back the few small things, and bought a 20GB iPod for $399. I got home at 2:00, and opened the iPod up, and hooked it up to my computer so it could charge, and load all the songs from my computer. I have no idea how long it's going to take, so I just leave it there loading and charging, while I go vote in today's Primary and then get a haircut. I get back about 3:15, and the thing is still loading and charging. I finally find the area about charging in the manual and it says something that makes no sense at all. It says that the iPod will be 80% charged in one hour, and will be fully charged in four. Why does that last 20% take 3 hours? I still don't know how long it will take to load all the songs though. I only have 913 songs, the iPod can hold 5,000. I was hoping it would all be done in time for me to be able to take it over to Phillip's tonight. But when it's still not done at 3:45, I have to leave without it. I go up to Carl's to meet Phillip, but he's not there, him and Crystal had to go somewhere first, but will be back in a few minutes. While I'm waiting, I suddenly think, "I wonder how far along Crystal's pregnancy is? It would suck if we all got over there tonight, and she went into labor."

Have I ever mentioned that I'm pyschic sometimes?

So we go over to Phillip's and we wait for a few minutes for Murray to get there. Then we all play with Olivia's new puppy for a while, while Daniel, Phillip, and Allen try to change a tire on Phillip's truck. It took them about an hour. Toward the end, me, Olivia, and Murray go inside, and start playing video games by ourselves. Apparently while we're doing this, they get done with the tire, and Allen leaves. So then a few minutes later, the three of us are still playing games when Phillip and Crystal run in and go off to their bedroom and bathroom. I'm not really paying attention, because I'm playing a game, but I can tell that apparently something is starting to happen. Then Phillip yells that he's gonna have to go to the hospital, and I figure that he hurt his hand or something changing the tire, but then him and Crystal rush around to leave, and Daniel offers to drive them both in his car. I ask what's going on, and they tell me that Crystal's "having problems" and needs to go to the hospital, meaning pregnancy related problems. For some reason Daniel drives them, leaving Olivia there. So it's me, Olivia, and Murray still there playing video games. About 15 minutes or so later, Olivia gets about three or four calls on her cell phone. She says that they've put her in the hospital, and they think she's going to have the baby, but that it may just be false labor caused by stress. So it's obvious we aren't going to be playing Halo, so Murray leaves. Allen is on his way to give Olivia key's to Phillip's truck, so she can drive it up to the hospital. When he gets there, both me and Olivia leave. Her to the Hospital, and me home.

Update: About 8:40, as I was writing this, Daniel called and said that Crystal had the baby. They got to the hospital, and the baby was in breech, so they did a c-section. It's a boy, and they named it Allen Roger Warren, after Crystal's father and Phillip's father.