Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Friday, February 20, 2004

More song weirdness from Melissa:

missy_custer: i wanna be a ballad pop star
missy_custer: i'll belt out tunes about the forbidden love of squirrels and chickens
missy_custer: i'll wear a chicken suit, and the background image will be a huge purple screen with hundreds of hamsters running in their wheels
missy_custer: i'll have a duet with Weird Al
missy_custer: oooooooooh can't you seeeeeee
missy_custer: that squirrels and chickens weren't meant to beeeee

Other, non song related weirdness from Melissa:

missy_custer: i was talking about my accupuncture appointment with my friend....and somehow, it got weirded out
missy_custer: i told her, "imagine it as a star trek episode....uhura is giving captain kirk his accupuncture treatment"
missy_custer: "spock walks in and says in a monotone voice with his one eyebrow arched, 'that is highly illogical'"
missy_custer: "then captain kirk laughs hysterically and all the needles pop out."
missy_custer: "uhura gets pissed and says, "spock, damnit, you ruined his treatment!"
missy_custer: for some reason my friend was laughing so hard
missy_custer: i think it was because i said, "and spock says in a squirrel voice, 'yeah, so what's your point?!'"
missy_custer: "and captain kirk says 'the point was in me!'" and then uhura got pissed and threw the needles in a dart board