Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

From Tony Pierce:

george you ignorant slut.

i hate you.

fuck you.

fuck you and the people who think like you because what you want to happen to this country isnt american.

american is being courageous enough to believe in human rights and free speech and the idea of less government and protection of the minority just the way our slave-owning rich white male forefathers laid out.

fuck you for thinking that people need protection from words on the radio or nipples on tv. fuck you for pretending that you think that people need protection from these things because i know how hard you partied in college and i dont even think that you believe that people need protection from nipples.

what we need protection from is government.

what we need is protection from power hungry moralists who dont even read the bible but thump it.

what we need is protection from war-mongreling oil-hungry liars and phonies who send our kids to war to "free" a country when our country is becoming less and less free.

fuck you george bush who only wants freedom to the rich and powerful.

fuck you for not saying fuck you to the congresswoman who lied to the head of viacom after the superbowl incident.

she got on tv and got in front of her committe and she said that she was visiting her mother on superbowl sunday. she said that she has a "sports fanatic 10 year old" who asked for "special permission to watch the super bowl". fuck you for not calling bullshit right there, for what kid needs to ask for special permission to watch a football game in the middle of the day.

fuck you for letting that fucked up woman decide what is right for me and my friends and my neighbors and whatever kids i may or might not have.

fuck you for letting this happen because you dont listen to howard, because you dont like nipples on your tv, because you arent interested in freedom.

fuck you for having a drunken drugged out youth and letting your daughters have a drugged out drunken youth but you seem not to want anyone else to have any fun.

fuck you for fucking our economy. fuck you for letting gasoline prices skyrocket. fuck you for making us even question the fact that gas prices are so high and you're from a family of oilmen.

fuck you for letting your vps former company be the number one financial benefactor of this dirty war that you sent us into.

fuck you for your bullshit sneers that dont intimidate anyone and only make us laugh at you.

fuck you for allowing censorship in america based on an unregulated monopoly in the making called Clear Channel.

fuck you for stealing that election and sneaking in two extremist judges into the appeals court this month.

fuck you for making america look like germany in the 40s.

fuck you for stifling the good thing that this country once had called freedom.

fuck you for pretending like youve done enough good things to warrant your re-election.

not only to i wish ill on you but i hope it happens on over-the-air tv

and i hope that a witness nearby is near a microphone

and i hope that he or she screams a jubilant

fuck yeah.

and i hope the ill comes slowly and twisted

in color

in 5.1 dolby


right before a gay wedding.