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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Website Row Pits Teen Against Microsoft $300 billion company Microsoft offers 17 year-old Mike Rowe $10 (ten dollars) for his internet domain. If he doesn't sell, they'll sue.

Ananova - Woman to have 12 stone tumour removed A woman is to undergo an operation to remove a giant tumour that weighs almost twice her normal body weight.

Ananova - Teenage girl's x-ray vision baffles scientists Russian scientists have been unable to disprove a teenage girl who claims she has x-ray vision and can see inside human bodies.

Ananova - Fifa boss in plea for tighter shorts - for women Fifa President Sepp Blatter says female soccer players should wear tighter shorts to promote "a more female aesthetic". Damn, if all the soccer players looked like the women in that picture I'd watch soccer all the time.

Tripwonker! Trip Wonker is the single trippiest optical illusion known to mankind. Use it, and your whole world will start warping around. Walls will melt, spoons will bend, your hand will quiver, AND IT'S ALL LEGAL!!

These next few links are blogs that I am now going to also add (I accidentally typed "ass") to the "Blogs" list. A couple of other blogs have also been removed from the list, such as, which for some reason hasn't been working for a week.

this is uglyfatid | uglyfatkid is this A very strange, but very funny blog. Usually makes no sense, demonstrated by this post: "I need to cut back on my smoking. Not cigarettes. Carrots. I seem to be annoying people at the produce section. Monday, December 22, 2003"

WIL WHEATON dot NET Wil Wheaton. The guy that played Wesely Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I've denied my love for his site for a long time, mainly because I hated Wesely Crusher. But Wil Wheaton is cool. Besides being a real-life celebrity, he is also a web celebrity, and his blog is famous all over the internet. So finally, I am proud to offer it here on my site. Should be read daily by all geeks and nerds.

Sushi Yum Yum Despite the name, and my love of all things Japanese, this site is not actually about sushi or Japan. It's just a funny blog.

Oh, and here's a site Alicia sent me a while back, and I never have mentioned. I haven't really looked at it in-depth yet, but what I have seen is really cool. It's a Lord of the Rings Encyclopaedia. The Encyclopedia of Arda

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