Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Smack the Penguin Very addictive game.

eBay item 3171847054 (Ends Jan-31-04 22:14:03 PST) - I will be your Imaginary Sexy Girlfriend ! ! This is pathetic. And I doubt she really looks like that. Whoever's running the sale probably found that on some website. What's really pathetic about it is how high the bidding is.

Star Wars Episode III footage leaked! Kick ass! Too bad they made them take the film clips down. But you can still see three still frames from it. I'm sure you could probably find the movie clip out there somewhere on the internet.

I added several more designs to the store earlier today, and have several more I'm going to work on and add tomorrow. Today I added a line of girl's shirts that say "Video Games - They aren't just for boys anymore." I also added some more products with the "Die of Life" logo on them, such as a tote bag which would be good for carrying all your RPG gaming supplies around in. Tomorrow I'm removing the "Censored" journal, unless someone e-mails me telling me they were going to order it, and I'm replacing it with a game journal, to take notes in while playing pen and paper RPG games and stuff like that. I thought that censored journal would have been perfect for Alicia, she could write her perverted little fan fictions she's so obsessed with in it.

But now it's time for bed.