Strange Things are Afoot at the Circle K.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Post-Crescent - Father blames cable for his woes Stupid people make me angry.

Another version of Smack the Penguin This version doesn't look as good, but you can hit the penguin much farther.

Yahoo! News - Entertainment Photos - Reuters They call this fashion? That's not fashion, that's disturbing. I especially like the way they made the arms and legs look like they've got some kind of disease and the skin is all peeling off.

Yahoo! News - Gunmen Steal $14,000 Worth of Gum They must really like gum.

New Form of Matter Created By Scientists ( Hmm, I've never heard of that fifth type of matter on the list. I only knew of gas, solids, liquid, and plasma.

I'm not exactly sure how this works. I took this test that's supposed to determine the best religion for me, which religion fits my beliefs the best. Anyway, it gives you this whole list of results in descending order based on how well they match your beliefs, but it also gives one result which it says is the best for you, even though that one may not be the number one on your list. So anyway, it says that the best religion for me is Mahayana Buddhism, which is cool, because that's probably my favorite religion anyway. Though it says Neo-Paganism is a 100% match for me, and Mahayana Buddhism was my number 4 result with 88% match. Here's some more of my results:

1. Neo-Pagan 100%
2. New Age 97%
3. Unitarian Universalism 97%
4. Mahayana Buddhism 88%
5. Liberal Quakers 86% (What the fuck?)
6. Theravada Buddhism 76% (Another cool religion, but I think I like the Mahayana form of Buddhism a little better.)
7. Taoism 74% (I really like this religion too.)
8. Mainline - Liberal Christian Protestants 72% (Ugh.)
9. New Thought 67% (I don't have any idea what this is.)
10. Secular Humanism 67%
11. Hinduism 62% (Cool.)
12. Jainism 60% (This is another cool eastern religion, but a little too strict for me, they are very skinny Gandhi looking people, and they believe in not hurting any living thing, even plants and insects. Which makes it really hard for them to find things to eat. They eat plants, but only because they have to. They believe it's better to eat plants than animals, because even though they are alive, they aren't as alive as animals. They even constantly sweep the ground in front of them with a broom so they wont step on any ants or anything.)
13. Scientology 55% (Fuck! What is this doing here?!)

The list continued on to 27, but I don't feel like typing the rest. Those were the best. The rest of the results were less than 50% match anyway. You can take the test here: Belief System Selector.

Ok, now I'm going to go work on some new product designs.